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Polish grandfather military record - "simple solider or commander?"

Ana_k 2 | 3
20 Sep 2013 #1
we were always intriged to know what did grandfather did in the army, where was he stationed and in what years post the "formation" of Poland

I have addressed once to the central military archive and they can't find his personal file without additional details concerning his service (only the name, parents and city are know to us)

where else can I find possible information - e.g if he participated in the Polish-Bulshevik war which is a strong possibilty
most likely he was a "simple solider" and not a commander

Cheers from America
Aga z OR
6 Oct 2013 #2
You may want to hire a private detective from Poland - someone who has an access to files and permission to dig a bit deeper, if necessary. I recommend Business Security Agency, based in Warsaw because I used to work for them and I know they get results. Best of luck!

Home / Genealogy / Polish grandfather military record - "simple solider or commander?"
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