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Gleesau apud Posen, Polonia Silesia

Bobocra - | 11
20 Jul 2015 #31
The marriage happened in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA. These two individuals traveled very far before they met.

Another weird thing is that the Dobrzejewice near Toruń was not in "Russopolonia". It was in the Prussian partition.

So "Dobrzejewice" might be an incorrect guess, too.

Oh, Dobrzejewice is listed perfectly legibly on his immigration record (which strangely enough also lists country as Russpoland), and there is an "Ignacy Piasecki" listed as being born in there of the right time period in Dobrzejewice.
Now you're just being silly and unhelpful.


I shouldn't say completely unhelpful because you've forced me to reconsider this 1900 census record data, which lists her and her parent's country as Germany, while later records state Poland as her country of origin.
DominicB - | 2,709
21 Jul 2015 #32
Now you're just being silly and unhelpful.

I can't imagine how pointing out yet another major error in the text you presented would be silly or unhelpful. If the priest put Dobrzejewice in Russopolonia, he clearly had no idea of Polish geography, which supports my position that he had no idea where Posen, Silesia or Polonia were.
Bobocra - | 11
21 Jul 2015 #33
Not the priest. It would have been Ignatz Piasecki who didn't know where he was from, because it's listed as RussoPoland on his immigration, and census as well. So, I imagine it was him telling folks he was from there or it must have been listed as Russian Poland on some document he used for identification.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,393
21 Jul 2015 #34
Another weird thing is that the Dobrzejewice near Toruń was not in "Russopolonia". It was in the Prussian partition.
So "Dobrzejewice" might be an incorrect guess, too.

Again, how utterly incompetent you are, Dominic, is beyond comprehension, given that you insist on promoting ideas which are simply wong one after another. Dobrzejewice is a village well on the territory of the former Congress Kingdom of Poland, so it is in the Russian and not Prussian partition, even if Dobrzejewice is near Toruń which was in the Prussian part. This fact is testified perfectly well in several document on the history of Ziemia Dobrzyńska (Dobrzyn County) available in PDF on the web.

As to the "Silesian" problem, I'm sure the problem arises from the lack of a comma between 'Posen' and 'Polonia'. It should then read "in Gleesau apud Posen, Polonia, Silesia". So Polonia refers to Posen and Gleesau refers to Silesia. So, what Babocra's ancestors meant was: Gleesau (whatever it is, but it is very likely to be Kliszów) in Silesia by the border of the Grand Duchy of Posen. These people, as many of their contemporaries in the Grand Duchy of Poznań, ignored the fact that the Posen province was at the time Prussian, because the province, the cradle of the Polish state, was stolen from Poland in the second partiton of the country in 1793, thus they bravely continued to consider it Polish rather than Prussian.

One should really rely more on the evidence given by contemporary people who knew who they were and where they lived, even if they were unable to be as precise about the detail as they would have wished to.
Bobocra - | 11
22 Jul 2015 #35
Ok, just wanted to thank everyone for the discussion it was enlightening. Particularly interesting as I was recently doing another branch that originated from Polish Ostrava. Such an fascinating and diverse history this area Silesia. I'll keep you posted should by search find any more conclusive connection to Kliszów that confirms the hypothesis.


I asked at the State archives of Legnica for information from Kliszów/Klieschau. No records exist prior to 1874 and the records from the Roman Catholic parish in Preichau are lost.

I also inquired at the archives in Wroclaw about information in General Komission für Schlesien, but was notified that no records exist for Klieschau.

So hopes of validating Kliszów are slim.

Given that she was from somewhere in Silesia, identified as Polish and immigrated to the US in 1890, I'm wondering if she was not part of the Prussian deportations of 1885-1890

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