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Furth DP camp Residents?

24 Aug 2016 #1
I'm looking for information on non Jewish residents of a displaced persons camp in Furth Germany.

My grandmother was brought to a camp when she was 2 and stayed there till she was 16. She claims to have always been christian and there is only a few pictures from the camp and they are in front of a christmas tree. But When I do research I can only find information on a camp called Finkenschlag which is listed as being solely Jewish.

I'm trying to figure out if there was a second camp in Furth or if its one camp with both Jewish and non Jewish residents. Every document and image I find only lists one camp and it only shows records and images described as Jewish.

Is there a list of residents of camps?

This feels like a giant mystery to me.

Lyzko 32 | 7,933
24 Aug 2016 #2
To the best of what I've been able to detect on the Web, this Finkenschlag Lager in Fuerth, Franconia was almost exclusively Jewish, though doubtless, as with most such camps, there were to be sure quite a number of non-Jewish inmates as well:-)

Countless gentile German along with Poles, Gypsies/Sinti-Roma and, of course, "anti-social prisoners" aka gays etc. were imprisoned, tortured and exterminated, though Finkenschlag appears to have been solely an internment camp and DP or Sammellager, not a Concentration Camp as the term is usually employed to describe a facility such as Ohrdruf, Belsen etc...
24 Aug 2016 #3
My grandmother was brought to a camp when she was 2 and stayed there till she was 16.

If she ended up at Finkenschlag, she must have been in another camp before being moved there as it was only open for about 5 years ( 1945-9 ), and this camp was for displaced persons.

There appears to be very little information about it, but in this link it mentions dates and population of the camp. It also mentions a place/camp called Hardhohe which appears to have been amalgamated with Finkenschlag. I think this was part of Furth, as today it is a metro station.

I can't find much info about it from Jewish sources either, only that it was a camp for Jewish Holocaust survivors.

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