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Felix Charneski

6 Jun 2007 #1
I am looking any information about my non living uncle Felix Charneski who lived in Hot Springs ARK and died in 1969. I know that he had two children Erwin and Celina but I dont have any information about them. Please help me
ylka - | 10
6 Jun 2007 #2
Felix Charneski

Maybe Feliks Czarnecki?

Use Google to find some organisations that could help you.
7 May 2010 #3
Hi I am Felix Arnold Charneski and my sister is Celina

My name is Felix Charneski and my sister is Celina,someone from POland posted a add on Google in 2007 that was looking for us....this is the add they posted............please someone HELP.........Thanks

To: ARNOLD P CZARNECKI business listings

Hello from Poland. I am looking for two kids of my non living uncle Felix Charneski (Czarnecki) He had had son name Arnold Czarnecki and daughter name Celina Czarnecki. They lived in San Antonio TX or Hot Springs ARK. My uncle Felix died in May 1969 in Hot Springs. He was a Showman with the Olson Shows and Barney & barnum shows. Can you tell me if your father was felix???

Message Sent Wednesday, June 20, 2007 11:55 pm (Pacific Time)
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385
7 May 2010 #4
.please someone HELP.........Thanks

Do you have any idea who made the original post or which town they were from.
quackermex - | 2
7 May 2010 #5
Hello, my name is Arnold. Felix, as you described him was my father. Please respond to me at quackermex@yahoo
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385
7 May 2010 #6
Hello, my name is Arnold. Felix, as you described him was my father.

This may take a few days to resolve. Many of the people who might be able to answer this problem may be away for the weekend.

please wait a few days for a reply.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 May 2010 #7
The only Polish spelling is Czarnecki or the variant form Czarniecki.
celinavincent - | 2
21 May 2010 #8
Thread attached on merging:
relatives of felix charneski in poland?

relatives of a felix charneski who came to USA in 1960's, his children are searching for you
Jurek49 - | 2
25 May 2010 #9
Hello I was looking for kids of Felix Charneski. Please contact with me on my PM

Hello from Poland.
My grandfather was Anthony Czarnecki and was brother of Felix Charneski from USA. I am looking for kids of non living uncle Felix and I want to know something about your life. Sorry but I am interested in history my family and relatives.

I have manyold photos from Felix. Please answer me if your father was Felix Charneski who was Showman and had railroad carnival show.
My e mail is
celinavincent - | 2
26 May 2010 #10
I am Celina, daughter of Felix Charneski are you sender of the original message sent in 2007 looking for my brither and I?
Jurek49 - | 2
26 May 2010 #11
Yes I am sender this message from 2007.
Please write to me on my private mail
7 Jan 2014 #12
Hi, I am not sure we are talking about the same family, but my Grandfathers name was Felix Charnecki (Kwasnick) I am not sure where he lived but his daughter Cecilia (many different spelllings I have seen) married my father Edwin and lived in Manitoba. Could this be who you were looking for? Could you email me at ryanreede@hotmail if there is a chance. Were there any other children??


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