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Looking for my Polish family (Wieruszow area)

Conty A 1 | 1
22 Dec 2009 #1
I'm French but my great grand parents were Polish. So, I'm looking for information about them because I would like to organize a trip to Poland to discover my origins.

I only know that my great grand mother was born in 1893 in WIERUSZOW. I know her name and my great grand father's too.
Do you know if we can consult the registers dating back to that time in Poland?
Could you give me advice to get more information?
Thank you in advance for your help.
You can send me a PM if you want me to tell you their identity.

nana - | 40
22 Dec 2009 #2
you can contact with them

they can help you how to find informations about your grand parents. i suppose there are registers in local parish, so it's huge possibility that you can find there
OP Conty A 1 | 1
23 Dec 2009 #3
Yes, I've tried to send them a mail via their website but I don't know if it has worked since the whole website is in Polish.
1 Mar 2010 #4
Hi Arnaud,
Usually it is good to start searching for ancestors from listing family names, names of villages, dates of birth etc...anything you know so far. This is highly possible that one day someone will read it and come to help you. It really works.

If you know the place of birth you can contact local parish (parafia) and ask if there is any information in parish register (księga parafialna).

You can also contact with registrar's office (urząd stanu cywilnego) and ask for copy of birth certificate (odpis aktu urodzenia) if there are any (to get such a document unforunatelly you need to confirm the relationship somehow).

What I can recommend you is to register and use, this is great tool (similar to facebook) where you can search for people using city name, village name and family name as search criteria. You can find people having the same name as your great grand parents'. Unfortunatelly this portal is in polish only.

You can always contact me by e-mail:
Just let me know if you need help:) Good luck!

6 Mar 2010 #5

I have an Aunt and two cousins. My aunt's last known address is: Krystyna Olszanowska, ul. L. Natkowskiej 29 m. 5, Szczecin, Majowe, Poland. My cousings names are: Andszej Olszanowski and Marek Olszanowski. I am married with four adult children. My family and I would like to visit my relatives in Poland but I do not know where they live, or if they are still alive. I would appreciate knowing their address, E-Mail or phone numbers.

My name is Barbara Coleman, my E-Mail is: lucybarbaracoleman@yahoo
7 Apr 2010 #6
im trying to find out about my grandad, i dont have a clue where to start and wouldnt mind some help please, he died 3years ago all i no about him is that he was in a concentration camp got away and moved to scotland and worked his way down to coventry met my nan got married had 1 son my dad and thats all i no about him.

if some1 can help me i wud like that alot
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
12 Apr 2010 #7
Quels sont les surnoms? (What are the surnames?)

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