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Looking for Family surname Staron

ejstaron 1 | 1
4 May 2011 #1
Hi I'm looking for info on my Great Grandpa Joseph Albert Staron. He was Born May 6, 1888 in The town and community of Kolbuszowa is located in the northern part of the Rzeszów Province. He Immigrated in 1905 to Philadelphia, PA. What I really would love to find out is about his parents? I am told his father is Peter Staron and Mother is Rosalie (Saj) Staron? I would love to find out about Peter & Rosalie (Saj) Staron. They stayed in Poland I only have one photo of them. I was also told that when the Staron's came to the States that they changed the last name from Starone to Staron. If anyone could or be willing to help I would love that.

Thanks Jason Staron
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
4 May 2011 #2
STAROŃ: this is one of many nicknames derived from the root star- (old). Others include Starosz, Starzyk, Staruch, Staroch, Starzak, Starzec, etc. . All identify an elderly person, oldtimer and the like or are topo nick for someone from Stara, Stare, Starzykowo, Starzyce, etc.
3 Sep 2011 #3
My last name is also Staron, my parents come from a village a few miles away from Kolboszowa.
Our family tree is listed on you can enter the site and ask for access to the family tree.
OP ejstaron 1 | 1
18 Sep 2011 #4
Thank you kom1900 I will check it out
2 Nov 2011 #5
Guten Tag,

die Großvater meines Mannes kommt aus Schlesien, dem heutigen Polen. Seine Mutter hieß Rosalie Staron.


B. Staron

something like: my husband's grandfather was from Silesia/Poland. his mother was Rosalie Staron.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Nov 2011 #6
Staroń entspricht mehr oder weniger solche Nachnamen wie Altmann, Altenhof usw.

Staroń more or less corresponds to such (German) surnames as Altmann, Altenhof &c.
Anne Stargon
26 Feb 2015 #7
My father name is John Staron he is from Brzyskowola -Poland he came to US at 1898
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
27 Feb 2015 #8
STARGOŃ: This is unrelated to the oldness of Staroń. Here the rood-word is stragać (to tousle or tangle or muss up hair), so Stargoń would have been a nickname describing a tousel-head, someone who never used a comb or brush. In diaspora, someone may have added a "g" to Staroń for a better sound without regard for etymology.
Tcywds - | 1
30 May 2016 #9
My grandfather was Jacob Staron from Brzyska Wola. He was born in 1873 and emigrated to the US. His father was Walenty Staron.

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