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Family Plawski

Jozef 1 | 4
3 Mar 2008 #1
I`m looking for all people with family Plawski on the world. I know that family living in USA, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Australia, Canada.
I have two sites about it in internet.

Sorry, my sites I`m write in polish language.
Best regards
Jozef from Poland
1 May 2009 #2
Hello Joseph, I am Judith Anne Riley and my mother is Anna Susan Plawski. Her father was Boleslav Plawski. He was born in Poland. I have Plawski relatives in Pittsburgh Pa. My mother went to Immaculate Heart of Mary in Lawrenceville, PA. Do you know of us yet?
OP Jozef 1 | 4
16 Aug 2010 #3
Looking for any information about the family Plawski

Looking for any information about the family Plawski.My grandfather Joseph Plawskiwas born in the village Strzałowo near Baranowichi town in Belarus. His wife was Malwina nee Pawlowska. Jozef`s father was Wladyslaw Plawski. He was born 1855 year.

My ancestors arrived from Mazowsze and Malopolska.
Looking for information about the members of this family who emigrated to the U.S. in the nineteenth century and earlier.
I have a web page about my family- and my second site:

Please people named Plawski to contact me. You will help me?
Best regards
Jozef Plawski
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
17 Aug 2010 #4
P£AWSKI: root pław suggests floating, swimming, wading, watering (cattle), etc. Most likely topo nick from Pławy, Pławo, etc.

PAW£OWSKI: root-word Paweł (Paul); in some cases a patronymic nick (Paulson) but most likely a topo nick from Pawłów or Pawłowo (Paulville, Paulton, etc.).
OP Jozef 1 | 4
20 Aug 2010 #5
Hi Judith!
Yes, I knew about them.This information gave me Carolyn Miller, nee Plaw.Her ancestors came from the Polish and called themselves Plawski. I am write this on my blog about family Plawski.Do you know anything more about your ancestors?

Best regards
12 Sep 2014 #6
I am Mary Kohler my grandmother was Frances Plawski from Warsaw


Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
12 Sep 2014 #7
There were two szlachta (gentry) lines amongst the bearers of the Pławski surname who belonged to the Plater and Radwan clans.

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