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Polish Family Photograph translation

sandwich 1 | 4
17 Dec 2016 #1
This is the back side of a very old family picture. Is anyone able to translate it?


gumishu 11 | 5,632
17 Dec 2016 #2
a koło dumu tom licho wijśli. to fotografjista muwjił to musim sie samni dać zdjuńć tu domu? to jeden pszy drugem stoji to tak dobrze nigdy nie wijrzy

and by the house we don't look good. the fotographer said we need to have photos taken separately- at home? we stand one beside other and it will never look very good

I don't know if it makes sense in regards to the photography - it's a dialect btw - can't really pinpoint the geographical location of the dialect but it looks like some Mazovian one
OP sandwich 1 | 4
18 Dec 2016 #3
The picture was taken in Kowalewo Pomorskie. I believe that's 40 km away from the Mazovian province. I live in Canada. Two people appear to be posing in front of the sign. Thanks for the help!

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