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Family names of Kurowski and Kasprzyk from Rostoki, Tarnowiec, Jaslo area

bzed 3 | 2
24 Sep 2008 #1
Tr ying to find vital records of Kurowski and Kasprzyk families in Rostoki, Tarnowiec parish in Jaslo county, perhaps Krosno as well. Do you know parish name and address and pastor in Tarnowiec for writing to for vital records,
jcsm 3 | 88
25 Sep 2008 #2
Town should be>
Roztoki populated place 49°45' N 21°33' E E M U G Poland

450 osób
woj. podkarpackie
pow. jasielski
gmina Tarnowiec

Birth of Saint Mary Virgin 0134461377
Address: Tarnowiec 38 Tarnowiec PL 38-204
OP bzed 3 | 2
29 Jan 2009 #3
Thank you for thinfo. I amsorry but had not checked until now for your reply. Any thing else that may help to finds records from 1875 era
Cathy McCallum - | 1
11 May 2010 #4
Does anyone know of Baks or Kicinskis from Tarnowiec?
5 Aug 2010 #5
I also have family in that village with same name. Chris
Polonius3 983 | 12,333
17 Aug 2010 #6
KUROWSKI: topo nick from Kurów (Cockville)

KASPRZYK: patronymic nick (son of Kasper); Eng. equivalent: Casperson.
OP bzed 3 | 2
18 Aug 2010 #7
Chris, so is your connection to Kurowski or Kaspryzk? Where do you live? Would like to explore further with you. My grandmother was Kurowski, born in Poland immigrated to US in 1908 as a 4 year old with her mother Anna. Her mother's maiden name was Kaspryzk. Immigration record indicates Roztoki but not certain if that is birth place since immigration record says she last stayed with uncle. Her husband preceded her to US and am not certain if I have his immigration record. Kurowski i found with his first name gave Krosno as last residence which is not far from Roztoki. Have no idea of siblings to either great grand parent.

Any sharing appreciated

27 Aug 2011 #8
I have ancestors who lived in Rostoki and Jaslo and currently live in Tarnowiec.

I got a record from the archives which shows Kurowski in it. I am sorry I did't get back to this post, but I prefer emails than boards in discussing family history. My Kurowski is Katarzyna Kurowska who married Szymon Bucko and her dad was Jan Kurowski. Szymon's son was Wawrzyniec Bucko born in Jaslo, Poland.
Prbucko - | 1
9 Feb 2013 #9
I found this forum and topic while doing a search for my Bucko family from Poland. They are from Sadkowa, which is in the same area. My 2x great grandfather, Jan Bucko was born in 1860 and came to America in 1899. His wife was Victoria Kapala from Dobrocowa. Im looking to contact crispy711 about his Bucko ancestors.
13 Mar 2017 #10
13 Mar 2017 #11
Hakski, if you want to find more about your family, here's something

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