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Looking for my Polish family of Jozef Zdrojewski

Firehawk 2 | 2
8 Jun 2014 #1
I am searching for my grandfathers family. My grandpa, Jozef Zdrojewski, was born abt. 1888 and came to the USA in 1906 from Bremen to Ellis Island. He listed his last place of residence as "Kalumkowo, Russia" (Kolandowo?) and his birthplace as Warsaw. His cousin, Maryann Kaczalska, was already here with her husband; Martin Strzelecki. Martin was from Rabinowo. Martin/Maryann had their first son in Czamaninek, Radziejow and she also listed this as her last place of residence on the manifest. My mom and aunt tell a story where an Uncle paid for Jozef and a brother or cousin to Jozef (mom and Aunt disagree on which it was) to come to the USA. The brother/cousin got home sick. So the uncle paid for him to go back. The brother/cousin begged the Uncle to, again, send him to the USA to live and, again, the Uncle paid. When the brother/cousin got home sick again the Uncle said that was it, he'd pay to have him go back to Poland but then no more. I can't find anyone on the manifest with my grandpa that could be this person. From what I read he is traveling alone and going to go stay with Martin/Maryann. It's most likely that the brother/cousin came over at a different time. My grandpa was in contact with his Polish family in Poland until his death in 1964. Because my mom and her siblings couldn't read polish they threw all of the letters away and lost any contact with them.

A cousin of mine (Maryann Kaczalska's great-granddaughter) and I are currently searching LDS Microfilm's from Poland, Bydgoszcz, Karnkowo (Lipno)
Also, on Jozef's marriage application he listed his parents as: George and Mary
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
7 Jul 2014 #2
KACZALSKI: root-word kaczać (to roll) or kaczałka (pine log); toponymic tag from Kaczałka (Rollerville) - no szlachta amongst the Kaczalskis!

STRZELECKI: root-word strzelec (rifelman); toponymic tag from Strzelce (Riflemen, Rifleton, Musketeerville) - 5 coats of arms.

ZDROJEWSKI: root-word zdrój (spring), toponymic tag from such places as Zdroje or Zdrojewo (Springs, Spingville) - 1 coat of arms.

NOTE: For more information on these and other Polish surnames please contact me.
ewap34 - | 11
17 Jul 2014 #3

I found a birth certificate for Józef Zdrojewski in Warszawa in 1888, but his parents are John (Jan) and Marianna. Are you sure of the name George?

OP Firehawk 2 | 2
17 Jul 2014 #4
Hello Ewa,
I can not be 100% sure. I have 1 document where he listed his parents as George and Mary. The birth certificate you found would definitely be worth looking into. Is there a way that I could get a copy of it?

Thank you SO MUCH for taking our time to find this and contact me!
ewap34 - | 11
18 Jul 2014 #5
I send the metric.
This metric is the number 1510, the Russian language. On January 26 was born Józef Zdrojewski in Warsaw, in the parish of All Saints. Father Jan Zdrojewski 52 years, mother Marianna nee Gołębiewska 42 years, godparents Klemens Bojanowski and Balbina Bojanowska.

Of course we do not know whether it is your Joseph. There is a need for more information about the family. If you know something about Joseph's siblings - it was that very important information.

Name Joseph is very popular at the time.
Regards Eve

18 Aug 2015 #6
Hello! I want to find Zdrojewski too)

Jan Zdrojewski (18??-18??) has son - Wladislaw Zdrojewski lived in Russia and Abhazhia (Primorskoe).
Wladislaw had wife Michalina Zdrojewski (Stempnewizc(?) here father - Felician).
They had children - Mihalina, Witold, Maria and (?) Zdrojewski (about 1880-90 was born). In 1930s Maria and Witold immigrated from Kursk(?)(maybe toPoland, we don't know where).

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