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Family "Jacula and Turhan" from Zernica Wyzna

20 Oct 2019 #1
Looking for informatin on my maternal great grandparents. Three of their children immigrated to the US in the early 1900s. Michael Jacula born about 1885; Peter born 12 July 1887 and Anna 1 June 1891. Michael settled in Pennsylvania, while Peter and Anna setteled n new Jersey. All 3 indicated they were from Zernica. Their father was Janos or Stefan Jacula born about 1845. Their mother theresa Truhan born about 1848. She died innJersey City, New Jersey 1937. Any help is appteciated.
pattern481 - | 3
29 Oct 2019 #2
Hi there,
I will try to help you but have you got any more information?
Barbara Bozek-Pattern

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