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looking for family history of Ignasiak Family

15 Sep 2014 #1
My great grandparents immigrated from Posen Poland in 1893. Martin Ignasik from Golina Poland and Rosalie Grygeil her parents were Sophia Wolinski (or Molinski) and Grygel (Kreigel) I do not know where to begin. If anyone has any hints I would appreciate it.
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15 Sep 2014 #2
IGNASIK/IGNASIAK: patronymic nick meaning son of Ignacy or Ignac (Ignatius).

WOLIŃSKI: toponymic tag from such places as Wolin, Woleń, Wolina, etc.

MOLIŃSKI: looks to be a topo tag but the closest potential sources is Молин (Molin) in Serbia; probably the reader wasn't sure whether the letter in fancy script was a W or M (Woliński or Molińdski).

GRYGIEL: derived from Grzegorz (Gregory), esp. Ruthenian version Grigori. Kreigel is a German name which may have been used (or confused with Grygiel) because of its similar sound.

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