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Where my family came from: Wreszow Kolbuszowa, Wola Lubecka Tarnow.

mstapor1 4 | 8
24 Jan 2011 #1
Hello, I just discovered my great grandparents immigrated from Wreszow Kolbuszowa? and Wola Lubecka Tarnow?

Could someone give me some information on either of these places? I can't find ANYTHING about Wreszow Kolbuszowa

Thank you!
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
24 Jan 2011 #2
Check out:,_Lesser_Poland_Voivodeship

The only thing even close to Wreszow in that area is Wrząsowice.
Check out:
KINGA07 - | 4
30 Jan 2011 #3
hello perhaps it is RZESZOW and KOLBUSKOWA Podkarpakie
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
30 Jan 2011 #4
Rzeszów is geographically quite likely. Maybe the initial 'w' was actually a fancy curlicue whcih someone misread. And it is Kolbuszowo, not to be confused with Kołbaskowo which is at the opposite end of the country in the Baltic coastal region.
emha - | 92
30 Jan 2011 #5
And it is Kolbuszowo

KINGA07 - | 4
30 Jan 2011 #6
excuse my english , I'm in France, but there is KOLBUSZOWA and a little city in few
kilometers name is SWIERCZOW map podkarpacki south east of poland.
ShortHairThug - | 1,101
30 Jan 2011 #7
mstapor1, here are the links to the ones you are missing since Polonius gave you the link to Wola Lubecka already.

Kolbuszowa between the wars

Does anyone know about this village between the wars, my grandfather came from there, he was Polish/Ukrainian. I heard there is an open air Ukrainian museum there now.

I'm curious who the nobles were who owned the land, I believe it was the Zamoyski's but am not sure.

See some sites:

4 Mar 2013 #8
This is coming a little late, but I am just beginning to research my family from Kolbuszowa. I believe that Wreszow is a misspelling and what you are looking for is Rzeszów (I can't include links in my post, but you can do a wikipedia search) which is a neighboring county of Kolbuszowa. Kolbuszowa is both a county and the county's capital town. has Roman Catholic church records for Kolbuszowa, if your family was Catholic you might be able to find them in there. Do a search for "Kolbuszowa (Kolbuszowa), Rzeszów, Poland" and you'll find microfilm that you can request.

Hope this helps!
OP mstapor1 4 | 8
25 Dec 2015 #9
Wow, returning to this thread very late- but I want to thank you all very much for the help you've provided.
kpc21 1 | 763
25 Dec 2015 #10
Seeing the title, first I have read the town name as Wieruszów - it's located in the central Poland. But if the other towns lay nearby each other, it's rather not the case.

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