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Polish exiles in Jersey

Jouault 1 | 1
24 Feb 2018 #1
I am researching Polish exiles from the 1830 uprising, who came to Jersey I started a few years ago with a blog:

Thanks to a Polish researcher I started looking for exiles again and now have found 50+ who visited or stayed in Jersey, several were politically active and are well known, most notably Stanislaw Worcell although I have found no offical record of him in Jersey there are a couple of references to him spending time in Jersey. Here is the list I have so far and apologies for the spelling, I will try and correct them when I have the time:

Francis Badet
Ignotio Batkousis
K Balinskiegu
George Bulharyn
John Dzierbinski
Michel Hellmann
Theophile Izdebski
Charles Izdebski
Charles Janierviez
Thomas Jasinski
Onufrius Kasperowicz
Michel Kiersnowski
Lud Kordecki
Leopold Kovalski
Konstanty Kumpikiewicz
Auguste Kwasniewski
Edward Ledohowski
Joachim Lelewel
Thadeus Lenkewiez
Wiktor Levenson
John Lobolewski
Joseph Malczewski
Jules Pierre OstojaMarylski
Charles Merbeller
Michel Michalowski
John Michelowski
Cyprien Mierzejewski
George Mikulowski
Florian Mikulowski
Joseph Nesterowicz
Joseph Nowakouski
Feliks Nowosielski
Lucien Nowosielski
Theophile Odechowski
Jean Nepomucene Oiszewski
Euzebiusz Parrylewicz
Adam Pistu?
Leonard Rozbicki
Narcis Rossotowski
Auguste Ruashicrofiege
Nicodemus Rupniewski
Roch Rupniewski
Ambrose Smolinski
John Francis Nikolaywicz Sobolewski
Charles Święcki
Zenon Swietolawski
Martin Szymannoski
D A Turniski
Vincent Zbyszewski
Vincent Joseph Sigismond Zielanowicz

Nick Jouault - Jersey
sculptorsearcher - | 1
24 May 2018 #2
I am interested in any information you may be able to suppply on a Polish emigré named Konstanty (or Constantine) Kumpikiewicz
OP Jouault 1 | 1
23 Dec 2018 #3
Apologies as I have only just seen this comment on Kumpkiewicz what I have found is the following bits: Alien arrivals: Arrived Dover May 1834. 1837 November Jersey to Southampton.

Married St Helier 21st November, 1837, Sarah Prudence Arrowsmith (Kent). 10/11/1837.

Exeter Court January 1866 sentenced 6 weeks hard labour for begging letters. I may have more details on this.

My help in Poland says he was known as a Russian spy.

I have now found 80+ exiles who visited or stayed in Jersey, some interesting new finds are the works of Roch Rupniewski "Niezbudki Jerseyskie" available on And Seweryn Korzelinski who wrote "Wyspa Jersey" an account of his time and views on Jersey.

I would welcome any help in translating bits of the above works, Rupniewski's I am only interested in the poems who wrote on fellow exiles all who stayed in Jersey. I dont speak a word of Polish.

Thanks Nick from Jersey

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