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Edward Mikolajec, Help with locating Polish Family

14 May 2011 #1

My name is Catherine Sage nee Mikolajec
My Father was Edward Mikolajec

He was born in Rudnik, Raciborz Poland in the 1920's

The son of Karl Mikolajec and Maria nee Wallach

I have managed to find some letters from my late fathers family the return address is Rudnik PYR, pow. racinorz koj, Opole
and another one from 47-400 raciborz from Andrez mikolajec

I did manage to find a telephone number in polish white pages for a Mrs Emma Mikolajec with the above address, who turns out to be my late father's sister-in-law.

But my search eneded there are I do not speak polish or german and Emma does not speak english,

Is there anyone out there that would be able to help please. I want to trace his family as there were other brothers and sisters that I have old photo's of and would love to talk/meet them.

Many Thanks
Looker - | 1,096
24 Dec 2014 #2
Even Google shows some Mikolajec from Raciborz.. Maybe try to contact them?
Keep in mind that Polish pronounciation for this name will be Mikołajec, and the city - Racibórz. Of course Rudnik is also place for search.

Check some social networking sites like polish or of course facebook. Some Mikolajec ancestors from this area may still live there.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
26 Dec 2014 #3
MIKO£AJEC: one of nuemrous names derived from Mikołaj (Nicholas). This could have been a patronymic tag (son of Mikołaj), although the most common and unquestioned patronymics would be things like Mikołajczyk, Mikołajewicz and similar.

WA£ACH: 1) Wallachian - member of a Romanian sheep-herding ethnic subgroup fom the other side of the Carpathbians; ; 2) gelding (castrated stallion).

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