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Dzibiszewski: Just starting family tree and need help with Polish ancestor

RaymondStehl 1 | 3
3 Jan 2011 #1
I am trying to get some family information on my great grandfather who according to US Census Reports came to the United States some time between 1890 and 1920.

I can furnish the following information:
Name: John Dzibiszewski
Birth: 1884
Birthplace: Wroclaw, Poland
Father: Edward Dzibiszewski
Mother: Unknown
I believe John was married prior to coming the the US and I'm trying to find out more detail on his family and herritage.

Raymond Stehl
jhzs - | 9
3 Jan 2011 #2
There is Johann Dzibiszowski (Dzibiszowsky) in Ellis Island, 17 years old, single, coming in 1902 from Hamburg to Chicago, in Poland lived in Lodz. Maybe it's him?

OP RaymondStehl 1 | 3
4 Jan 2011 #3
Oh wow! Thank you for the heads up. I am quickly discovering that spelling of sur-names can be a little challenging back in those times. Phonetics can play a huge part in how names are spelled and traced, not to mention that sometimes information was made up to cover previous histories. I will check that out - thank you for your help.

Still looking for ancestors to Edward Dzibiszewski / Dzibiszewsky

According to the Ellis Island records the father of John Dzibiszewski(y) born 6/24/1884 in Wroclaw Poland was Edward Dzibiszewski(y) also from Wroclaw, Poland. I'm having trouble locating the spouse and wondering if possibly the name might have been spelled differently. Not being familiar with the Polish language any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here is the link to the site containing the present information:

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