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Duplaga, Data surnames

OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
10 Jan 2015 #61
I originally thought the Polish name Duplaga might have been the Polonised form of some French surname like Duplage, De La plage, Deplage. The retreating Napoleonic troops occasionally had their wounds nursed in Poland and sometimes settled there. However, now I am inclined to believe that the name was originally Polish and traveled to France with émigŕes, refugees, DPs, etc. After all, the -ga ending usually with a pejorative connotation does appear in Polish (e.g. łomaga, ciemięga, etc.) and that could have been the case with Duplaga as well. The only locality incorporating "Duplaga" is Duplagan in the Philippines -- not a very likely source of a Polish surname.

As far as further pursuing this thread on French soil perhaps the following link may be helpful:
That is the onomastics centre of the French National Archives. Dunno how responsive they'll be but good luck anyway!
mwhary - | 16
10 Jan 2015 #62
I tend to agree with your renewed assessment. The reason Basimara & I are pursuing this is that 3 individual "Duplaga" lines, where we haven't discovered our true connection, have independently over the years had discussion or belief that there was some sort of "French" connection to the name. In one line in my family, when the children went to school they were told by the teacher that their name had a French relationship and should be spelled DuPlaga rather than Duplaga. So that family immediately changed how they wrote it from then on. They apparently trusted the 'educated' teacher's opinion thinking she must know something they did not know about their own name. This does not make it a proven fact, but at least 2 other Duplaga lines have surmised, or possible had information passed down the line as to the same thought about the origin or their name.

I have church records in the one Brzozow Parish going back to the 1770's. Do you have any possible suggestions if there is a way for me to research further back in time in that area? In this Brzozow region of other small villages, there is a great many Duplaga's (with this rare name) and a book that I have about Golcowa indicates that the " Duplaga clan" originated in that region. I need the whole book translated to see if it offers any significant information explaining more about the Duplaga's. The Google translation is not good enough. I recently read that Microsoft is working on some way to further the use of Translations, so there is hope for improvement in the future!

Thank you for your assistance,
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
11 Jan 2015 #63
Do you find plausible the assumption or suggestion that the basic root of this surname is the word dziupla (tree hollow), in its harder (non-palatalised) Ukrainian pronunciation dupla?

As far as going back further in your quest, I can only suggest some professional genealogists. Have you consulted any so far?
Let me know.
mwhary - | 16
11 Jan 2015 #64

Your first suggestion is a possibility, but I am not knowledgeable enough in this area to decide one way or another. I would need further documentation, and I don't know if that is possible!

My professional researcher did the Church Record search for me and stopped where the records ended in the Brzozow parish. I have not yet pursued it any further with him, but will consider it again.

Thanks you for your suggestions,
24 Dec 2016 #65
I've been reading your posts and they are all very curious. I'm a Pole. My mom's maiden name was Duplaga. I know my grandfather was born in Golcowa, near Brzozów, Domaradz and Stara Wieś - all in the same region. I'm trying to explore the origins of Duplaga and I honestly don't think it's related to French soldiers. If my Duplaga ancestors had been French and had settled in Brzozów region in the early 1800s I'm quite sure my grandfather born in 1922 would have had at least slight knowledge of his French origins and the presence of French descendants would have been common knowledge in the region. Again, that's just my impression and I have no proof.
mwhary - | 16
25 Dec 2016 #66
Adamos07, Thank you for your reply as I continue to research my "Duplaga" relatives from Brzozow. Let us set aside the situation regarding "French Soldiers" for the time being, as there is so little to verify any connection. There are so few people in Poland named "Duplaga" and the majority of them seem to be based in the area of surrounding villages that you mentioned and I am familiar with. One of my researchers told me that this area appears to be the Origins of the Duplaga clan. My desire is to try to find ANY further info about the Duplaga's of this region. Unfortunately this requires a person with a "Duplaga" connection and also with "information" to help establish some Duplaga History in this region. With so few Duplaga's existing in the region, it may appear that in some way, we Must all be related-it is just a matter of finding the individual sources, of where ON the family trees we can be connected. This requires that each family actually have a Family Tree to be able to track their ancestry and it also requires communication with someone who is willing to assist with a project, and also speaks Polish and English. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, approximately 120 Duplaga named people immigrated to the USA. A few were from Brzozow, and many were from the surrounding villages. I have some limited documentation on them from Ellis Island.

May I inquire if you have any interest in pursuing any investigation work in your region to perhaps speak to the Elders that are still alive in the villages to try to learn any Duplaga History from them??

My personal interest is in my Duplaga family and to learn more about the other Duplaga's in the region to try to figure out how we are all related and to document the information. I have no other interests, it is purely to document Duplaga related History. Wouldn't it be nice to write a Book of Duplaga History?

My grandfather and 3 of his siblings emigrated to the USA. He had one brother, named Adam Duplaga who was a Polish military soldier who remained in Poland, I have recently obtained his records from the archives. They were beneficial in indicating the year my great grand father died and also, leading me to a couple of relatives related to my great Uncle. I have yet to speak to them as we have translation problems as they are newly located. I have tried contacting people named "Duplaga" in Poland on Facebook, but now one has replied to me!!!

I would be interested in any information you are willing to share regarding your mother's Duplaga ancestors. I do know of 2 other Duplaga people whose relatives are from Golcowa & Stara Wies-perhaps their families are connected to your mother's family? Do you have anyone in your family with the surname of "Data"?

I hope to hear from you again-thank you for inquiring about my posts as I am still working on research.
Best Regards and today it is Christmas 2016! MaryAnne
mwhary - | 16
30 Jan 2019 #67
I'm still researching the Duplaga's and our region in Podcarpackie, and wondering if you have advanced your Family Tree Line so that we can try to locate where on the tree we are most likely related? An update would be very much appreciated as it's been 3 years! Thank you for replying with an update.

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