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i am doing a halik family tree

chalik 1 | 4
17 May 2013 #1
hello to all

i am doing a family tree and i am kinda stuck as to where else to look i found out that my great grandfather came to canada from opatow poland back in 1928 i also got the polish spelling of his name wladyslaw halik i found this on collections canada and then confirmed it with my uncle then i put that name in to and found his wife and her family but also found his siblings and his dad stanislaw but it did not list a monther for them wladyslaw had 2 brothers and 1 sisters onela halik wincenty halik juzef halik and from what i found juzef halik he married zofia i did not get her maiden name sorry but she became a halik just the same what i am wanting to find is stanislaws wifes name and the name of all of wladyslaw haliks siblings children and so on also if possible to get grandparent and up also to get siblings for stanislaw and his wife i am willing and wanting to go as far back as i can...

the reason for me doing a family tree is so immportant is because i was taken from my parents at a young age and i grew up only knowing a handful of family my sister and brother grew up in foster care because of a bad situation at home but i did get to see wladyslaw son my grandfather till he passed and his name was john walter halik when he passed his family did not come around anymore to see us kids or my dad and uncle i am now just starting to find my grandpas siblings and there kids via facebook...

i want to know where i come form and who is in my blood line...

thank you to all who read this and help in any way they can..

crystal halik
OP chalik 1 | 4
17 May 2013 #2
i am at the end of the family tree search here for the haliks side but i still have my great grandmothers side to do and i have to finish for the names here and hopfuly go here again to find more about her side frompoland too i know wladyslaw was born in poland in 1903 and his wife anna rospond was born here in canda i happened to find out this from ancestry and from my uncle who is the grandson but i am talking to my cousin whos dad is their son and he is going to ask his dad more about them and such too i found my cousin on facebook and thats how i got alot of names too see my granfather john married an irish girl my grandma and they had 2 sons my dad and my uncle i got the last names for everyone so far and i found on ancestry a family tree done by the dobriskis sorry i dont have the name ritten down so i know i messed up the spelling so i kinda feel i am related to them in some way too in my famil the main last names are finn, halik and dempsey dempsey is from my mothers side so i am part irish and part polish
Jardinero 1 | 405
17 May 2013 #3
Hi Crystal,

I am not sure of how much help this will be to you, but there was a well known traveler and explorer by that surname (Tony Halik) - he also had a TV show about exotic places (anyone remembers?).

Link - you may want to click the Polish language version as it contains more information. Hope this helps.
OP chalik 1 | 4
17 May 2013 #4
that is cool i have not yet come accrost that name in eather spelling along my travels along the family line but he very well could be a cousin or another family member i will have to keep digging to find out
18 May 2013 #5
Hi chalik,

I think I can help you. Please write to me at

OP chalik 1 | 4
12 Jun 2013 #6
Merged: still needing help

i have been working on my family tree for a while now what i got so far is great but this is my reason for doing my family tree see my brother sister and i we were taken from our family when my sister was a year old because our birth mother not polish by the way was abusing us and we were placed in foster care we grew up only knowing our dad his dad and brother and our 2 cousins my grandfathers side when he passed when i was in grade 2 stoped talking to my grandma my dads mom so for along time i only knew i was polish and nothing else i want to find my family so as i can grow and teach my future children who they come from all i know is some names that i found on ancestry but there is nothing else on there how i found my great grandfather walter was on a site that shows immigration to canada and who it was now it was showing his name in polish and i had not a clue so i googled the name and what it was in english this is the family names i got so far for my tree

stanislaw halik
wife no information on

wladyslaw halik-walter halik
onela halik
wincenty halik
juzef halik

my grandfather came to canada in 1928 he came from chojnowice opatow poland born january 28 1903 and passed october 11 1987 in oshawa ontario canada

what more i found out is that he had a brother josef and he came to canada before my grandfather

wladyslaw halik married anna rospond

their kids
john walter halik
matt halik
gennette halik
vergy halik
all born in canada

john walter halik married marlene finn

their kids
alan halik
james halik

as for gennette vergy and matt halik i got some names of their kids so far

but what i am looking for is stanislaws wifes name and also stanislaws parents names and all his siblings too

i also found out that wladyslaws wife anna rospond was born here in perry sound ontario canada and here parents are john rospond and anna sponder/rospond andn johns mom and dad are nicholes rospond and apollonia seganski and anna sponder parents are john szponder now the mothers name will be the hardest because i got a few names with different spellings agata-agatha ************* as for this side i dont know what part of poland they come from but would love to know...

i was lost but now i am finding who i am and where i came from i jusst hope to still be getting names of my family in some ways i dont work as of now but i am on a limited income because of a fall at work i just need some help if i could pay i would pay anything but i am sorry i just cant pay i am using a site called that is a tree building site anyone who wants to see what i have can look there....

thank you all who read this and can help in any way possibal
crystal halik

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