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DOBROUOSKY, Julia born Danzig about 1850

sandyinoz49 1 | 1
28 Feb 2012 #1
Maiden name of my 2nd Great Grandmother who arrived Grimsby, UK about 1881-1883. Had 3 children born 'Germany' (one being my Great Grandfather). Husband listed as John McCall, Seaman. Another 2 children born in Grimsby. Any suggestions where I can find Birth, Marriage records and confirm spelling of Surname. Spelling of Dobrouosky is probably the Rev.Father's interpretation given on the baptism records of the two children born in Grimsby, 1883 & 1886.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
28 Feb 2012 #3
DOBROWOLSKI may have been the original form of this poipular Polish surname. Whether it got deformed to some extent in Germany and ednded up in that form in Birtain or was additionally Anglo-mangled there is difficult to say. As an aside, some of those named Dobrowolski were Jews who converted to Catholicism 'of their own free will'. The root of Dobrowolskiis dobra (good) and wola (will).
OP sandyinoz49 1 | 1
28 Feb 2012 #4
Thanks for suggestion. Already a member of

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