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Looking for descendants and records of ancestors of SOCHA and KILIAN

13 Jan 2016 #1
My grandfather Michael Joseph Socha, according to my father, came over on the Mayflower(not the 1620 one but the one that was in service in the year 1903) from Poland and he was the first of his family to come. He married my grandmother Genowefa Marya Kilian in Rockville, CT USA in 1933 at St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church. It states on the civil marriage license that he was a widow at the time of their marriage. According to his death certificate he was born June 15 1901.

The closest "Michael Socha" I have found in records is one that originated from Boleslaw, Austria/Galicia/Poland and was not the first to come over. Yet his father (Jozef Socha) and brother (Władyslaw Socha) did, to Massachusetts. I found a Joseph Socha from Boleslaw leaving a wife Maryanna and going to MA.

According to death certificate, his parents names are Anna Socha and Joseph Socha. And according to the town clerk, this is the maiden name of Anna......however the informant was my Uncle Mike, born Joseph Michael in 1934, (who was only 6 when his mother died and father, Michael Socha), gave up all the children), so I am not sure if death certificate info is accurate.

My grandfather died in 1956 at the young age of 55/56 due to cancer of the larynx, lungs and throat.
My grandmother, Genowefa Marya Kilian, was born Sept 29 1909 in Holyoke Ma USA to Antoni Kilian and Katarzyna Kida (Married in Holyoke, Ma in 1908 at the Mater Dolorosa Church in Holyoke). Antoni was born in Ruda, Rzeszow, Poland in 1879(according to baptismal record online) to Agata Hajdor and Stanislaus Kilian.

Katarzyna Kida was born in approx. 1881 in Gorno, Podkarpackie, Poland to Karol Kida and Julyanna Kosak. She had at least 1 sibling (Walenty Kida-who also emigrated to Holyoke MA and was married intn the same church to Aneila Sigda)

Karol Kida was born to Andrzej Kida and Zofia Tabaka. Karol had at least 2-3 siblings: Agneszka, Apolonia and maybe another.
Julyanna Kosak was born to Sebastian Kosak (1825) and Anna Kielb. Anna was Sebastians second marriage. They had at least 2-4 children: Marianna-married into Dec family, Juylanna(my gr gr grandma) and possibly 2 others

His first wife was Maria Olka/Olko???
I know they had at least 5-7 children of which include Tomaz Kosak, Antoni Kosak and Magdelena Kosak, plus others that I do not have names for yet.

Antoni Kosak(my gr gr grandmas 1/2 brother) married Agneszka Kida(my gr gr grandfather's sister)....and there are many more descendants within the US...some I have discovered some I have not. I am the 2nd cousin of Peter Kosak (he had hired a genealogist to find these records on the Kida/Kosak Families in Poland). However I am interested in finding living relatives on both sides in Poland if possible. PLEASE if you know anything, anything at all, please contact me at I do not know much about my Polish ancestors/descendants or heritage and would love nothing more than to be reconnected into my heritage and family.

Samantha. I am on account only) as well as and facebook.
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21 Jan 2016 #2
Michael Joseph Socha

If born in Poland his name would be: Michał Józef Socha


could be also Maria


Stanisław in Polish


could be Julianna










Probably Olko since only two person with the Olka surname in Poland according to this
Trying further this map for other names namely


we can see that both are most popular in the city of Rzeszow (Podkarpackie voivodeship). So looking for some descendants in Poland who hold that names, it would be worth to focus on this area, even browsing popular social-networking sites such as Facebook and Polish 'Nasza Klasa' (
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17 May 2016 #3
Corrections to info above. My grandpas name according to the SS Application is Michael John Socha and he was born Feb 22 1899 in Galicia Poland, Parents names are Joseph and Mary Socha on this. So thinking maybe mom is Mary Anna and went by both names.

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