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Daniel Stone, family from Warsaw - I'm looking for my great great grandfathers anything

20 Nov 2014 #1
I am attempting to find out information of any sort for my grandmother on her great grandfather. Her mother tried back in the 70s but there wasn't nearly as many ways to find out information then as there is now. I am reaching out with little information to see if anyone can help me. My Great great grandfathers american name is Daniel Stone, which he back a Sr. I am told his family was from Warsaw, Poland. He was born November 19,1885 and he had a sister but I don't know her name. At some point near 1899 they immigrated to the U.S. through Canada, but Poland has their records online on lock down. HELP PLEASE!!!

My grandmother said she thinks their last names were Stanovich or Stonavich (spelling may be off but that's how it sounds)
TheOther 6 | 3,664
20 Nov 2014 #2
Several questions:

1. Are you looking for the paternal or maternal great grandfather of your grandma?
2. What was the maiden name of your grandmother?
3. What was the family name of her husband?
4. Where were your grandmother and your grandfather born?

Look up the census records for both your grandmother and grandfather. They should be listed somewhere at their place of birth together with their parents and siblings. Once you know the parents' name, try to find their naturalization record. Those documents usually list the date and place of birth, and where and when the person immigrated. When you have found out what the port of immigration was, you can then check the ship lists and go from there. From your description it looks as if you will end up in the archives of either Warsaw (for Congress Poland) or maybe Moscow (for the Russian Empire).

Check familysearch. They have many records online; including census records, church books and many other sources. Good luck.
OP kmiller10586
20 Nov 2014 #3
I am looking for my grandmothers paternal grandfather. The maiden name my grandmother had was Stone but the stories she has heard over the years was when her grandfather immigrated they changed and/or shortened the surname. My grandmother was born in Louisiana. Her Father was born in Kansas in 1914 and his dad enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1906. To all of our knowledge he did not have a middle name. It was just Daniel Stone here in the U.S. I have been doing the search and have looked at the passenger list into Ellis island just in case the story isn't correct about him coming through Canada. I am stuck.
TheOther 6 | 3,664
20 Nov 2014 #4
In the LDS database, there's only one Daniel B. Stone who was born in Kansas in 1914. The record is from the 1940 census where a George E. Stone (*1886 or 1887) and a Vallie Stone are listed as his parents. Is this the father of your grandmother?
OP kmiller10586
20 Nov 2014 #5
No. I found where my great grandfather was born in Kansas . His mothers name was Gertrude Stone. She actually buried in Kansas next to my Great grandfathers twin who died at birth. Is there a way to get birth records from Poland in 1885 ?
TheOther 6 | 3,664
20 Nov 2014 #6
Is there a way to get birth records from Poland in 1885 ?

There was no Poland in 1885, but you can try to find the civil registration records in the archives either in Warsaw or (more likely) Moscow. Another option would be to contact the church where your ancestors were baptized. The LDS doesn't have the relevant church books online?

Maybe this is interesting for you, too:
OP kmiller10586
21 Nov 2014 #7
Thank you I finally found something.

In his registration for the army in 1906 says he had filed his naturalization papers in 1900, also shows his county or town as something that starts with a W then the second word looks like bzozowa.
TheOther 6 | 3,664
21 Nov 2014 #8
If you know where he filed for naturalization, just order a copy of the documents. As for the army registration: could you provide a scan so that we can have a look at it? There are some people on here who are really good at reading old scripts.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
21 Nov 2014 #9
STANIEWICZ sounds the most plausible in Polish. If this is it, it would have originated as a patronymic nickname meaning the son of Stanisław (English equivalent: Stanson).
22 Nov 2014 #10
maybe some kind of trace:

Anna Stone from Barczaca (second a with a small tail under it = ą) near Warsaw.

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