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Create gene bank of Slavic and therefore Polish people?

19 Nov 2016  #31

> Its just who you are and who you want to be.

Exactly, it's who YOU want to be. But that doesn't mean you have a right to make society or a whole country or region the same way. You can be who you want, but then why can't your neighbour next door have the right to be different from you?

These things you talk about: race, ethnicity, heritage and identity are all very *personal* things to the individual, and they are multi-faceted. Let's say you have Genghis Khan in your lineage - does that mean you have a Mongol identity and consider yourself of the Asian tribe? No, you have thousands of lineages and heritages to choose from, so these ideas you have of tribalism are just artificial. Theya re as real or as unreal as you wish. But they're certainly no basis to run a society on and exclude those who don't share your idea of identity. You could have a twin brother who has his own ideas, maybe seeing himself from a different lineage, maybe fancying himself as a descendant of the Roman Empire, or even the short-lived nazi Empire, and it's just as valid as your personal 'heritage' and 'identity'.

Wulkan - | 3,313    
19 Nov 2016  #32

nazi Empire

There was never such a thing, go back to school.
Crow 144 | 6,770    
19 Nov 2016  #33

You can be who you want, but then why can't your neighbour next door have the right to be different from you?

Well, I don`t know what are you talking about, man? I think that this conversation isn`t about it. Effort in direction of preservation of Slavs isn`t story about racial purity at all costs. Its how Slavs comprehend themselves in general. Of course that other non-Slavic people can be found among Slavs
19 Nov 2016  #34

>There was never such a thing, go back to school

Can I take some books to school, maybe these? ocaust-Ukraine-Wendy-Lower/dp/0807858633/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1479576078&sr=1-3&keywords=nazi+empire

Have you ever read a book, I wonder?
Wulkan - | 3,313    
19 Nov 2016  #35

It's called Nazi Germany, Empire need to have an emperor and Hitler was not the one by definition.
19 Nov 2016  #36

You'd better inform Professor of History Mazower at Columbia Uni of his mistakes then. I'm sure he'd welcome your educated correction.
Wulkan - | 3,313    
19 Nov 2016  #37

I'm sure he is aware of the different views on that matter by many historians but looks like it's a new thing to you.
19 Nov 2016  #38

Thanks for giving me tips in my own language ;)

But 'Empire' is not strict term. It is commonly used generically to refer to e.g. the Soviet Empire, the Spanish Empire, the British Empire (Victoria was Empress of India but Canada, Australia etc etc), none of which had emperors. It cann just mean any expanionsist country.

Incidentally, Japan had an emperor for centuries without any colonies or voerseas territories. So you can loosen your vocab ;)
Crow 144 | 6,770    
19 Nov 2016  #39

Observvvere, pane, if I understand you correctly, you says how was alright that Michael Jackson wanted to be white and that white Slavic people don`t have right to want to be white. Interesting.
19 Nov 2016  #40

Nie, Wrona! What I'm saying is that people can be whatever they want, but they must be very careful that they don't try to impose that on other people.

It's meaningless if you want to wear a 'Slav And Proud' t-shirt, but if it makes you happy then it's nobody else's business. But when there is talk of Slavic peoples' and 'Slavic nations' that causes problems and exclusion for your neighbours who might not identify in the same way as you do. And if the government starts using identity politics then it becomes dangerous. Live and let live.
Crow 144 | 6,770    
19 Nov 2016  #41

Live and let live.

Look, we are on the same side.
Wulkan - | 3,313    
19 Nov 2016  #42

Thanks for giving me tips in my own language

Otherwise you wouldn't understand.
Wincig 2 | 146    
20 Nov 2016  #43

They are Serbians who took Islam during Ottoman Turkish invasion on Serbian lands and Europe.

yes, and since history is facetious (or God, depending on your inclination), you have the exact mirror with the Gagaouzes, who are Christian Turks.
Crow 144 | 6,770    
20 Nov 2016  #44

What I know,.... but hey,.... Let me see,... No, no... No Gagaouzes in my mirror, to put cross on myself and spit several times. With all due respect on that Guzmo, of course.

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