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connecting w/ gramza and kobza

wotrwokr 1 | 1
29 Aug 2010 #1

i live the US and was looking backward into the trees of my family. my father's side is surnamed gramza... and my mother's lineage is kobza. here in the states... there's a lot of dead-end rabbit rails (some in my family say that our roots go through poland... others germany (polish border area)... yet others say that it's of belarus/ ukraine origin. i think i might be on the right course because my grandparents spoke (what i'm told) was sparse polish.

any thoughts or input?

thx SO much!
mrozenbe - | 12
29 Aug 2010 #2
People who called Kobza are located in Poland like on the map;

People who called Gramza on the second map;
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
29 Aug 2010 #3
GRAMZA: from dialectic verb gramać się -- in standard Polish gramolić się -- to awkwardly lumber along, growingly climb something.
KOBZA: bagpipes (usually goatskin).

For more info please contact me
MilwaukeeSon 2 | 5
27 Sep 2010 #4
Would you be related to Gordon Gramza and Esther Kobza? Esther Kobza is a distant cousin of mine. As far as I know, the Kobzas always considered themselves Polish.
OP wotrwokr 1 | 1
9 Mar 2012 #5
yes. i am their son (ron). i realize that their parents (both sides) did always reference polish terms... but i have been also told by some people that i work with (who are bosnian) that are very sure that there is some Kosovo ancestry in the name. just really am interested in some of my heritage as i get older. kinda like they say... "you can't get where you're going, if you don't know where you've been". thx
9 Mar 2012 #6
trust your parents on that. Slavic names tend to have spread from Balkans to Poland, Ukraine and even sometimes Russia.

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