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Looking for city of Pluslaw Russia

7 Oct 2014 #1
Hi, i am researching my grandfathers history and on his Ellis Island transcript it said he was from Pluslaw, Russia. He came to Ellis island in 1911 and i believe Russia occupied parts of poland during this time. I cant find any reference to Pluslaw, Russia anywhere. This maybe an incorrect spelling of the city name. Please help.

Looker - | 1,103
7 Oct 2014 #2
I can't find any similar place either. Do you have a scan of this Ellis Island transcript? The info on it is probably handwritten, so the name might be slightly different. Or could you provide us the name of your grandfather - we may check the site and look for his data ourselves.
8 Oct 2014 #3
Thanks for the help, my grandfathers name was Antoni Gruszczinski. He traveled in june 1911 at the age of 19 and was single. This was all from the Ellis island transcript and it listed his home as Pluslaw russia. I am thinking it was misspelled but do not know what to look for.

Thanks alot

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8 Oct 2014 #4
I've checked the records, and the town name written by hand looks like Pluchow
Ship Manifest Image 0071

Polish name is Płuchów - town in Złoczów (Zolochiv) county (now in Ukraine), Ukrainian name is Pluhiv (you may find it on Google Maps)
OP Andy_123
8 Oct 2014 #5
Thank you very much. I will look it up.
Sasha 2 | 1,083
8 Oct 2014 #6
Andy, do you approximately know the area where the city was located?
Can that be: ?
8 Oct 2014 #7
Hi, I don't know the area he was from all I have is the Ellis Island Records. But it was written as one word for the city name starting with the P and I'm assuming it was misspelled by the person who wrote it. But it may be it I'll check into it
Looker - | 1,103
8 Oct 2014 #8
I am convinced that the city name (actually it's a village) is Pluchow as I checked on the Ellis Islands papers and described above.

So for me the case is closed :)
Below evidences: (from the second scan I recognised yet that the Antoni's father name is Jan Grzeszczynski, so the surname is also misspelled).

Gruszczyński is quite popular name in Poland - more than 4600 people have it here, check the map in the link below:

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 Oct 2014 #9
Couldn't find anyhting close to Plusław in Russia or Poland. In Poland there were only: Płusy, Pluski, Pluskocin, Pluskowęsy and Pluszkiejmy. Probabyl it got misspelt by an Ellis Island immigration official who wrote down what he thought he heard.

If the Russian passport was written in Cyrillic script, the letter P is actually an R in Russian, so it might be closer to Rusław. Will check.

Maybe it was Płosków. There are 3 such places, one of them in Masovia which would have been under the tsar.
Looker - | 1,103
8 Oct 2014 #10
I still claim that Płuchów is the best bet - it's from American paper, not a Russian passport, so it's not Cyrillic script - it's a village near Lwów (Lviv) - Polish land before partitions, Russian later.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 Oct 2014 #11
That makes sense. Pluchow would be the English transcription of the Russian version Плyxoв, Polish is Płuchów and in Ukrainian it would probably be Pluchiw, although back then Ukrainian didn't come into it, looked down upon by the Great Russians as a lowly peasant dialect.
Looker - | 1,103
8 Oct 2014 #12
Right. In Ukrainian it is Pluhiv. Although I think at the time it was under Austrian Partition? Anyway it may be next mistake..
OP Andy_123
8 Oct 2014 #13
I do agree that Pluchow maybe it. I am trying to find out from my siblings if they know the region he was from, but my grandfather passed before we were born.Do you think it would be OK if someday i were to visit Pluchow? i don't necessarily want to connect with family, but i would like to visit Poland and maybe just see where my grandfather lived. I do want to thank you all for the help. I really appreciate all of your time to help me


Looker - | 1,103
8 Oct 2014 #14
Do you think it would be OK if someday i were to visit Pluchow?

Sure, why not? Just wait until the Ukraine will become safe place again.
Some Polish people visited this village already:,projekty,archiwum-grzegorza-rakowskiego?zobacz/ziemia-lwowska-puchw
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 Oct 2014 #15
GRUSZCZYŃSKI: root-word gruszka (pear). Topo nick from one of several villages called Gruszczyn and one named Gruszczyno (Pearville, Pearton); 2 coats of arms.
10 Oct 2014 #16
Polonius3, you had said that i had two coats of arms. Could you please tell me what they are? Thanks

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