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Looking for the Chamerski Family

curiousjane 1 | -    
4 Jan 2017  #1

Okay, hi people. I need some help pronto on this. I need to locate a family living in Gdansk, Poland. I'm going to list some names and if any of these ring any bells, please PM me.

Person I am searching for: Curtis Mark-Anthony Chamerski. (He moved to poland about two years ago)

This guy has been really hesitant with information, he has 4 sisters, an older one whose name I cannot recall and another one named Lauren Chamerski. I won't put the names of his younger sisters here. PM me.

All I have is his contact number but his number is switched off. He gave me his aunt's number for emergencies but try as I might, I cannot get onto her.

He told me his uncle works for a company that does ship/train repairs for cargo companies across Poland. Anyone have any clues what that company could be and does anyone know of a Mr. Chamerski that works there?

Curtis told me a brief history of his family... after the war, they were destroyed. His father's named is David Mark-Anthony Chamerski. He is deceased now though.. does anyone know this man?

I'll be grateful for any information about the Chamerski family in Gdansk. Thanks in advance.

DominicB - | 2,602    
4 Jan 2017  #2

That is a job for a paid private investigator, not an internet forum. You'll find plenty of PIs that specialize in Polish matters in the Chicago phone book, and I'm sure the same is the case in any other place where Poles live.

I'm asking the administrator to delete this thread because it contains personal information on innocent third and fourth parties that could show up in a casual Google search.
ALAN ENGLAND - | 2    
27 Apr 2017  #3

Ewa or Eva Stephanie's/Stefanova who travelled from Australia to Europe in 1967. If anyone knows her please please contact me. She would be about 60 now. She had a cousin Magda??

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