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Chadaczow - Searching for town or village that might have had name changed

Peter59 4 | 35
12 Aug 2013 #1
Hello Polish Forum Followers, I am one more 2nd generation American that is researching his Polish roots. My grandparents immigrated to the US in 1907. The ship manifest shows their last place of residence as Chadaczow. I have been able to find reference to this village being in the Galicia region. Which would fit with what my mother used to say, she had said that they where from outside of the Krakow area. Does anybody out there know of an area, or former area, known as"Chadaczow"? Also would anyone have any info on the name "Bucia". Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
DominicB - | 2,709
13 Aug 2013 #2
It's spelt "Chodaczów", and Wikipedia has an article about it:

Maria Bucia, from the next village (Tryńcza), was 99 years old last year, and still may be alive. You probably have other family there, but if you want to know more, Maria is the most valuable resource that you can imagine and you should consider pumping her for information before she goes. When she does, a very large amount of valuable information will be lost forever.
OP Peter59 4 | 35
13 Aug 2013 #3
Thanks so much DominicB, I have been searching an old copy of a Galicia map from 1898 ,with a magnifying glass, and could not find anything close to that spelling. I will start again and see what I can find. Do you have any idea which geographic direction and how far out from Krakow?? How do you know of Maria Bucia?? Is it safe to assume she would not have a command of the English language?? Would you know how I could get in contact with her??
DominicB - | 2,709
13 Aug 2013 #4
You can see exactly where the village is using google maps. Just type in "Chodaczów" and it will show you exactly where it is. It is east and a good stretch from Kraków. Nearest larger town is Rzeszów. It lies east of Rzeszów halfway between Leżajsk and Jarosław.

I found out about Maria from a simple Google search with "Chodaczów" and "Bucia". It's in this link:

Which should download as a pdf file. That's all it says about her, though, that he was 99 in 2012 and would be celebrating her 100th birthday in May the next year.

Dollars to donuts, she doesn't know any English. Dollars to donuts, if she has any great-grandchildren still in the area, they can at least communicate at a basic level in English.

If you want to find out more, write to the parish priest here:

Proboszcz parafii MB Nieustającej Pomocy
Chodaczów 112
37-306 Grodzisko Dolne

and here:

Proboszcz parafii Św. Jadwigi Królowej w Jagielle
Jagiełła 103,
37-203 Gniewczyna £ańcucka

I couldn't find any e-mail addresses for them.

Might be worth finding a friend to translate the letter into Polish first, though. Not all priests know English, especially in the countryside.

Hurry up. The clock is ticking.


This person has done some geneological research on the area and mentions that he also has information about the Bucia family there. Contact him as well:

Arkadiusz Ogryzek

He might be able to help you.

His post to a geneological board can be seen here:
OP Peter59 4 | 35
13 Aug 2013 #5
Thanks again for all of the great leads. I am still searching for maps of South East Poland. My biggest hangup is my computer connection. I live in very rural Southern Ohio, with only a dial up connection to the internet. Talk about slow. I could probably walk to Chodaczow by the time I get some of these maps pulled up. Might have to give up and go to the library for a faster connection tomorrow . Thanks again for all of your help.

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