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What certificate is this?; birth certificate from the greek catholic church

OP escapee3 8 | 63
16 Jan 2010 #61
Of course. That seems obvious now you point that out. It seems almost the hardest thing even in my own Polish language studies to get my head around the idea that with the declensions words that appear different are really one and the same. And it's been told to me several times but it needs banging home! I suppose I'm not the first to struggle with that idea.

I will delve further into the Greek Catholic church thing as you suggest.

Again, thanks.

Sasha 2 | 1,083
16 Jan 2010 #62
Sasha, there is a town called Śliwnica about 20km or so from Przemyśl... is it possible your Slivnici is the same place?

Check google maps for "Сливниця Украина" There's a high possibility that with years initial Сливницi turned into Сливниця and it's surprisingly not so far from Tarnavka and located in Lvivskaja area. :)

Thanks for this one! I've always wondered what the dashes are for and where you should put them.

Sure, anytime! Not everyone uses it though. My father does, but neither my mom nor me. :)

Kinia? But again, if you look at the K in Kostia, it's very different.

Kiya. Kiy was a guy Kiev was named after. :) Anyway I've heard of anybody called a girl "Kiya".

It is, but they use strange names too.

I think so.

It's the place of birth of Iwan Michalczyk.

Sorry I missed it. :) I was concentrated on decyphering of the document and there were not a word about it.
OP escapee3 8 | 63
16 Jan 2010 #63
Thanks, Sasha, I think we're closing in on it... all suggestions are certainly within the same general area.

I think strzyga's suggestion of trying to locate the church parish to confirm which town it is is probably the way forward now...

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