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Bursztynowicz history name

Aleksander B 1 | 2
18 Nov 2011 #1
What is the history of the surname Bursztynowicz
boletus 30 | 1,366
18 Nov 2011 #2
From German name for amber: Bernstein, literally: a stone that burns;
to Polish name for amber: Bursztyn [Other Polish names of this fossil resin are: jantar, amber];
to a surname Bursztynowicz, very likely given to a Jew from North-Eastern part of former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, such as today's Lithuania or Belarus. Alternative surname Bursztyński would be given to someone from Poland proper.

Generally the suffix "-ow" suggests Russia, "-icz", "-owicz" - Lithuania or Belarus, "-ski", "-cki" - Poland. There are many Bursztyński and Bursztynowicz people in modern Poland - some of them are well known and some even have their own entries in Polish Wikipedia.
18 Nov 2011 #3
Among the surnames from the noun "amber" - bursztyn, recorded in the Old Polish language since the 1323 year. That's all I've found.

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