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Burial records for Catholic cemetery in Dobrodzien and Tarnowskie Gory?

bernie79 2 | 3
5 Dec 2012 #1
Dear forum,

I am wondering if anyone has experiance of locating burial listings for cemeteys in Poland.

My family research has taken me to the region of Dobrodzien and Tarnowskie Gory where I have located several relitives who live during the 1800 - 1940's. I have managed to obtain some birth, marriage and death records and also some catholic church records from the micro film held by the LDS church.

I would like to plan a visit to poland to tread in their footsteps but it would be fantastic to know where they rest so I could pay respects (I suspect a headsstone would not exisit as they were from a poor farming family).

I have a relative who died in Tarnowskie Gory in 1921 and 1943 and several relitives who would off passed away in Dobrodzien up to 1900.

Is any one able to offer and info.

Kind regards

Looker - | 1,033
26 Oct 2014 #2
I got such experience once. I went to the church, spoke with a priest, and he located the grave which I was looking for (although not that old).

So try the same, contact churches in Dobrodzien and in Tarnowskie gory, and ask for the help.


Tarnowskie Gory: - the biggest and the oldest church in the city.
13 Nov 2014 #3
I am looking for a polish man called Marcin Rutkovski from tarnowskie gory I last seen him a Victoria station in London 2003 he came to Penzance at first then me,marcin and 5 others headed to London they all was a massive part of my life for such a short time is like to get in contact and find they have all had a great life so far maybe plan a trip to see the beautiful Poland x

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