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Looking for my birth parents Zbigniew and Olanta Redzimska

annaredzimska21 1 | -
12 Mar 2014 #1
My name is Amy Mcelroy. I was adopted from GDANSK Poland. My adopted parents changed my name to Amelia Louise lisicki. My birth name was Anna Katarzyna Redzimska. I really Want to find my birth parents I was born May 22,11993. My dads name is zbigniew Redzimska, and my mom Olanta Redzimska. Please if anyone can help me or lead me in yhe right direction. I am married and have a son I want them to see how my life is and see their grandson. Please I want to find them my adopted mom died and me and my adopted dad dont talk anymore because of his wife. Please help me find my family.
Astoria - | 155
12 Mar 2014 #2
To begin with, the correct spelling of your father's name is Zbigniew Redzimski and you mother's (most likely) Jolanta Redzimska. Currently, 422 Redzimskis and 419 Redzimskas live in Poland, most in and around Gdańsk. 36 Redzimskis and 31 Redzimskas live in Gdańsk:
K_Marciniak - | 10
17 Mar 2014 #3

We can try to help you with locating your birth parents. Please contact us at: info [at] polgenresearch


Katarzyna Marciniak
PolGen Research

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