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looking for Bagadinski, Bagadzinska, Berglind

mom in USA 1 | 7
29 Jan 2009 #1
I am looking for my Great Grandmothers family.

Helen Bagadinski was her name.

Her passport says Helena Bagadzinska. She came over to America Feburary 1906 at the age of 20. Her sister Stella (Stanislawa Bagadzinska) came over in 1910 at the age of 21. There brother Walter came over in 1913 with his wife and 2 chidren.

They are from Wierznica, Poland Lipno County,

Does anyone know how to find my relatives?

Thank you
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
29 Jan 2009 #2
There are 64 Bagadzińskis in Poland, 23 of them in the Poznań area, the single largest cluster. Origin is uncertain. "Bag" root usually has to bo with a swamp as in Bagiński, but the "bagad" root doesn't seem to fit anything known in the language. There is a locality called Bagdad in the Piła area (north of Poznań) which might have generated Bagadziński. There is also a Bagdziński surname which is even closer to Bagdad (no inserted "a" bethween the "g" and "d").
11 Jun 2009 #4
Helen Bagadinski =96 b 1886, d 6 March 1929, c St. Johns Cemetery in=
Brooklyn, New York. Cause of Death =96 Bowel Blockage
Sister to Stella, Walter, T.J., M.D.

On her passport her name is listed as Helena Bagadzinska. Her passport i=
s written in the Russian language. I have the original passport. The sh=
ip Wurzburg left the port of Bremen, Germany 13 Feb 1906 and arrived in =
New York on 28 Feb 1906. Helen is listed on line #26, page 159, 5th from=
bottom on the passengers list and is listed as Helena Pagadzinska.

Helen married David Ossian Berglind about 1908. David was born 27 April=
1879 in Vastervic, Sweden, died 18 March 1932 in Brooklyn, New York. T=
hey had 6 children - Olga Marie, Helen, Alva Eleanor, May Elizabeth, Tou=
ra Harry and Edward.

In 1920 Helen & David lived at 246 Fiftiest Street, Brooklyn, New York.
In 1930 Helen & David lived at 618 Gates Ave, Brooklyn, New York and had=
living with them a Housekeeper Amy Johnson and her two small sons.

6 children

Olga Marie Berglind =96 b 9 March 1911 Brooklyn, New York, d 3 Aug 1973 =
Rohnert Park, Calif., c

Daughter of Helen Bagadinski & David Berglind

Olga married Harold Jones and had 2 Children =96 Richard and Evelyn

When Olga=92s parents died Olga took in all her younger brothers and sis=

Helen Berglind =96 b 18 March 1914 Brooklyn, New York, d 21 July 1986 Ce=
nterreach, New York, c , cause of death Pancreatic Cancer.

Daughter of Helen Bagadinski & David Berglind

Helen married Harold Ottoson on 12 Aug 1933 in New York. Harold was bor=
n on 12 Nov 1909, died 31 Aug 1987 in Centereach, New York, cause of dea=
th was a heart attack.

Helen & Harold had 3 girls =96 Lorraine, Virginia and Judith.

Alva Eleanor Berglind =96 b 4 Dec 1916 Brooklyn, New York, d 27 April 20=
02 Las Vegas, Nevada, c cremated and buried with husband in New York.

Daughter of Helen Bagadinski & David Berglind

Alva married Raymond Pittman. Raymond was born on 8 Nov 1912 New York, d=
6 June 1979 Queens New York. Alva & Raymond had 3 daughters Marie, Bar=
bara and Linda.

May Elizabeth Berglind =96 b 7 Feb 1919 Bayridge, Brooklyn, New York, d =
11 June 2001 Port Charlotte, Florida, c St Charles Cemetery sec 25 row E=
Farmingdale, New York, cause of death Cardio Respiratory arrest, conges=
tive cardiac failure.

Daughter of Helen Bagadinski & David Berglind

May married William Henry Laird on 16 Oct 1935 Brooklyn, New York. May l=
ied about her age to get married. William was born on 13 Oct 1910 Brook=
lyn, New York, died on 16 Oct 1953 Bridgeport, Conn. c buried at Lakevie=
w Cemetery Fairfield Conn, cause of death Subarachnoid Hemorrhage due to=
Hypertension, Polycyastic Kidneys.

May & William had 5 children =96 Helen May, William David, Janet Cecila,=
Michael Edward and James Irving.

Toura Harry Berglind =96 b 25 Jan 1921 Brooklyn, New York, d 17 Sept 197=
5 Lynbrook, New York, c Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale New =
York section 3A, site 1695

Son of Helen Bagadinski & David Berglind

Harry married Corrine Walters. Harry and Corrine had no children.

Harry was in the U.S. Navy - Service Info.: AQM 1C US NAVY WORLD WAR II=
Service Start Date: 12 Oct 1942

Harry and his brother Edward married sisters.

Edward Berglind =96 b 6 Jan 1924 Brooklyn, New York, d 21 Feb 2002 Bay S=
hore, NewYork, c Calverton National Cemetery Calverton, New York section=
11 site 223

Son of Helen Bagadinski & David Berglind

Edward married Lousia (Lilly) Walters. Lousia was born 20 Feb 1928, died=
6 Aug 1983 Bayshore, New York

Edward & Lilly had 3 children =96 Karen, Jane and Edward Eric

Edward and his brother Harry married sisters

Edward was in the U. S. Navy - MM1 U S Navy
OP mom in USA 1 | 7
9 Mar 2011 #5
Merged thread:
What town is this near???

just had my great grandmothers passport translated.
can anyone tell me in what town or region this is near? I can't seem to find any of these on a map??

according to passport
residence - vil Gronobicherkoe Oushinu
Villager - Krestianno

Name - Helena Ctanislovovna Bagadzinska

9 Mar 2011 #6
residence - vil Gronobicherkoe Oushinu

Check again; it doesn't sound like anything

Villager - Krestianno

Sounds like: religion - Christian

Name - Helena Ctanislovovna Bagadzinska

More likely: Helena Stanislawowna Bagadzińska

Stanislawowna means that her father's name was Stanisław
jonni 16 | 2,485
9 Mar 2011 #7
Bzibzioh is right - it doesn't look like anything. I thought the same about the religion bit. Did you have the passport read by one of those optical character readers? They often produce odd results.

Perhaps you could scan the original - many people here are OK with the Russian Alphabet.

Gronobicherkoe (from the last syllable) sounds like a village, though not necessarily in Poland. Oushinu could be anything.
OP mom in USA 1 | 7
9 Mar 2011 #8
Thank you all
I have attached the first few pages.
Any help will be appreciated.
Eurola 4 | 1,909
9 Mar 2011 #9
Hmm...I don't see anything attached.
OP mom in USA 1 | 7
9 Mar 2011 #10
here is the link to see the passport, sorry I could not get it to post on this page
Eurola 4 | 1,909
9 Mar 2011 #11
That's in Russian but i'm sure you know that. We have some Russian speaking members here. Hopefully they can help.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
11 Mar 2011 #13
Bagadinski and Bagadziński are most likely toponymic tags derived from several localities in Russia, Russian Yakutia and Turkmenistan known as Bagadia and Bagadża (Polish transliteration). The bagad- root presumably comes from one of the Asian tongues.
Eurola 4 | 1,909
11 Mar 2011 #15
It would be good if somebody who speaks Russian could decipher the writing.
OP mom in USA 1 | 7
11 Mar 2011 #16
I did have someone translate this into english. i have posted a copy on facebook if you want to see the orginial.
cberglind - | 1
30 Nov 2015 #17
Hi mom in USA

My brother and I (Danny Berglind and Christine Kearney(Berglind)) just came across this post looking for my great aunt and uncles wedding date (Toura Berglind and Corinne Walter). It appears we must be relatives!

Please contact us at or! :)

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