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Being ashamed of Polish ancestry?

thesipguy 4 | 29
22 Dec 2014 #151
I'm an American who just acquired Polish citizenship through my grandfather, when I told my boss that I'm a Pole now he joked that I will have to take a cut in my payroll (Polish laborers in the USA work for very cheap) :-)
Crow 159 | 9,023
22 Dec 2014 #152
not funny. It was ugly joke

I'm an American who just acquired Polish citizenship through my grandfather, when I told my boss

You shouldn`t tell it to the boss. It was mistake. Its well known that are Poles and all Slavs after all considered to be infidels by Anglos

Being ashamed of Polish ancestry?

new Commonwealth is only solution in prevention of shame and humiliation
thesipguy 4 | 29
23 Dec 2014 #153
Crow don't be so sensitive, learn to have a bit of sence of humor, it was just a joke, I don't think your assumption about anglos treating poles as infidels is correct.

Once upon a time there were thousands of poles working as ilegal cheap laborers in the states, so its just natural to feel a bit superior over illegals, but today Poland's economy is lot closer to the EU economy and lots less poles work as cheap laborers, its different times.
13 Jan 2017 #154
American here. My grandmother was polish and for most of my younger life I never really mentioned that part of my ancestry whenever people asked. I just said mostly german, and english like most Americans. I don't exactly know why but, I suppose it has to do with not wanting to feel left out because most other kids weren't polish. I have heard that this was actually common for many immigrants and children of immigrants when they first came because they wanted to fit in and not feel disconnected. Some even changed their last name to become more Anglo-American. I am just glad that i now have no problem telling people of this portion of my heritage.
Crow 159 | 9,023
13 Jan 2017 #155
Good example of Anglo anti-Polish propaganda you have in the book (by American author Orson Scott Card) and movie Ender`s Game.

Ender is third child of Polish father and his mormonic mother. Narrator in the book explained how his Polish father feel shame of his /citation/ ``Polish Catholic ancestry``. In the book/movie, it is also said how Poland represent one of last countries that don`t belong to normal world and that is Poland under international sanctions as rogue country. Go read it. Its available on net for download. As artistic work, its good. I liked it. What saddened me is blatant example of anti-Polish propaganda.
Ironside 51 | 12,447
13 Jan 2017 #156
What saddened me is blatant example of anti-Polish propaganda

Nope, its an example of a writer mind-set and his somewhat stereotypical view of Poland as a staunchly Catholic nation.

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