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Antoni R. Uszynowski

29 Jun 2013 #1
Ok. So I previously posted on here but had the totally wrong name. I still don't have the correct spelling but know what it spund like. I'm tying to locate my grandfather who I believe was in the polish army and based on Arbroath around 1944/1945.

His name was Tony (Anthony) Ushinowski. I think the latter part is correct but he spelling of the first part is wrong. That is just how it sounds.

If anyone could help with similar names it would be greatly appreciated.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
29 Jun 2013 #2


r uszynowski

this is my best effort. the first letter could be an r (because that's what i found via gogle)

the 'sh' is probably 'sz'

'i' and 'y' sort of sound the same.

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