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ANSZPERGIER, Michał. Born between 1900 and 1910 possibly around Lodz area.

Austim 3 | 2
16 Mar 2011 #1
Hello and pleasant greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

My Polish wife and I are having some difficulty finding any details from this side of her family.
Michał Anszpergier married Marianna Zaremba or Zaręba and had 1 son Eugeniusz about 1928.
They later divorced and Michał moved to France but rumours were that he returned to Poland.
His ex-wife and son never saw or heard from him again and no further life details are known.
I have found that there are 11 people in Poland with the name Anszpergier all living in Lodz.
If you are related or can help us in any way we would be very happy to hear news from you.

Another question but not so important is the meaning of this surname. Any ideas welcome. :-)

Best regards,

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
31 Mar 2011 #2
ANSZPERGIER and ANSZPERGER are Polonised spellings of the German toponymic surname Ansperger denoting an inhabitant of the locality of Ansberg, Austria. In that regional dialect the 'b' in Ansberg has evolved into a 'p'.

ZARĘBA: root-word zarąbać (to hack to pieces) - possibly a nick for a warrior handy with his trusty battle-axe; more likely a topo nick from Zaręby, Zaręba, Zarębów and similar.
8 Mar 2012 #3
Zum Namen Anszperger (Ansperger) gibt es viele Bezeichnungen. Siehe auch unter Sie stammen urspruenglich aus dem bayerisch-oesterreichichen Dialektraum um kamen vermutlich zwischen 1720 und 1750 nach Polen (Ostrowice).

Viele GruessŸe aus Berlin

google translate:

To name Anszperger (Ansperger), there are many names. See also They come originally from the Bavarian dialect area around oesterreichichen probably came to Poland 1720-1750 (Ostrowice).

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 Mar 2012 #4
Should read: the Bavarian-Austrian dialect area...

Home / Genealogy / ANSZPERGIER, Michał. Born between 1900 and 1910 possibly around Lodz area.
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