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Looking for Ania from Pod Jaszczurami Krakow on Saturday night.

JimFoster 3 | 3
28 Aug 2014 #1
I wanna to get in touch with this girl I met in Klub Pod Jaszczurami in Krakow Rynek Glowny on Saturday 23th August at 2 a.m in the morning. Her name is Ania. She is 30 years old, single. She is about 165cm tall and weighs about 52Kg. She has brown eyes I think and her hair was coloured a dark blonde and pulled back in a pony tail. She told me she is a Steel saleswoman. She told me she lived in the Wielopole, Dietla area just outside the Planty. Just to the south east of the rynek. A ten minute walk.

She told me that she was hanging out with friends of her that arrived from Dublin and were staying the weekend. She said she lived with some housemates who were like 22/23 and it made her feel old.

I didn't get her contact details, I didn't ask. Because I was coming back to London on Monday. And I was with my ex-girlfriend.

I'm not some nutcase stalker. I just wanna speak to her again and become friends.
And I'm also heartbroken that I had to leave Krakow. And spend one night in Katowice and come back to London. I love Krakow so much. And Wroclaw too.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
28 Aug 2014 #2
How the heck do you know the height and weight of a girl you met in a club that you just want to be friends with? You sound like a bit of an obsessive weirdo.
OP JimFoster 3 | 3
28 Aug 2014 #3
I'm estimating. I'm pretty good at knowing people's sizes and heights. When I was a student I worked in a clothes shop part time. Anyway thanks for your support WielkiPolak. You sound like a nice person.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
28 Aug 2014 #4
I am actually. I just like a bit of honesty and you being desperate enough to go on this forum to ask for her [as unlikely as it is that someone here knows her], because you just want to see her again and be friends, sounds like bullcrap. How about just saying that there is this girl you met and you're head over heels for her and really want to see her again. At least then we start with a true premise and not some silly story about wanting to be her friend.
OP JimFoster 3 | 3
28 Aug 2014 #5
OK you're right. I like her. We had a connection and had real empathy for each other. That's why I want to find her. Of course, I wanna her see. I feel really weird about this thread. But on the hand "Faint heart never won fair maid". So I don't care if people laugh at me and think I'm mad for posting what I did. If I get in touch with her I'll be really happy. I know it's a long shot but you never know.

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