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Alexander Just/ or Alexander Yust - help with ancestors

22 Mar 2011 #1
I am seeking information on my grandfather.

His name was: Alexander Just/ or Alexander Yust

He lived in Lomza Poland

born 1871

i am trying to find his fathers name.

If anyone has any info that would help please send to
teresa55 - | 46
22 Mar 2011 #2
There are in Poland 1455 people with name Just.
In town Lomza are 86 people.
I'll gladly help you.
OP justt139
22 Mar 2011 #3
Great..How do we begin? I need all the help I can get...unfortunately there is no one left living that I know of here for me to ask questions.
teresa55 - | 46
29 Mar 2011 #4
Well; do you have any other details regarding your ancestors? However insignificant they may seem?
Religion, occupation, siblings of your grandfather and their names?

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