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(aleksnder wysocki) looking for place of birth

roe2250 1 | -
7 May 2011 #1
Hi i have been trying to find where my father was born his name was aleksnder wysocki he left poland just after the war he was in the polish army and came over to the uk and he was still in the army over here in the milatry police could you help me try to find where he lived or point me in the right direction

thank you Roman
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
7 May 2011 #2
WYSOCKI: topo nick from many localities called Wysokie (Upton, Highville, Overwood, etc.). With only a first and last name to go on, it would be well nigh impossible to trace your father's birthplace, as the Wysocki surname is shared by some 29,000 people in Poland.

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