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Adopted: Looking for Krzysztof Jagodzinski

11 Mar 2014 #1
My husband was adopted in the mid 80's. He was born in Poland, and placed in an orphanage, along with his older brother Krzysztof Jagodzinski, and baby sister. He was born with a heart defect and thanks to an organization called the Polish Gift of Life, he was brought to the USA for life saving heart surgery. While here, he was adopted by a member of the organization. His older brother was left behind in Poland. The Government felt that my husband's adopted parents were too old to adopt his brother as well. They had seen each other one time after that during a trip abroad. My mother in-law was the only one with the contact information to Krzysztof Jagodzinski, and she passed away 2003. My husband hasn't spoken to his brother since before her death. So I am writing to see if anyone would have any ideas on how to find Krzysztof Jagodzinski. He would have been born in the late 60's. He was married and had two girls per the last time they spoke. He was also interested in computers, and plays guitar. Can anyone point me in the right direction? My email is

Thank you.
11 Mar 2014 #2
Try Facebook,, and linked in; most people here are on at least one of those
OP katsachatter
11 Mar 2014 #3
thank you.. i will

I found him!!! I had written to krzystztof on facebook in 2012 and never received a response. Then in 2013 I sent him a picture of my husband, and wrote BRAT? .. no response.. then today.. I received a message on face book, finally a reply. It turns out it was him... he just wasn't using his face book account. He was able to speak to my husband today for the first time in over 12 years. I could cry. To those who are searching, don't give up.. keep the faith!
Author Cindy - | 11
20 Apr 2014 #4
To those who are searching, don't give up.. keep the faith!

Congratulations on finding him! It's a very heartwarming and encouraging story for those of us who are searching for long lost relatives.
OP katsachatter
21 Apr 2014 #5
Thank you Cindy! The two brothers have a sister that was adopted, and its feared we will never find her. The orphanage will not give out that information because she may not have been told that she was adopted. Its sad, but we are so very happy to have found Krzysztof. He has a beautiful family and we have skyped with them all on the computer this easter. We have friended each other on Facebook, so we will never lose touch again. I am so happy to be an aunt to these 3 beautiful young ladies. I pray that you find your missing loved ones.

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