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Looking for ADAM RYBICKI from Wroclaw

dsuriol 1 | -
2 May 2009 #1
Hi, I am trying to find a person, ADAM RYBICKI (I don't know how to write the surname... I think it is like I wrote). I met him in Poland in 1981, he also came to my home in Barcelona. He is (or was) married with Ana Rybicka and they had a daughter called Barbara. They were from Wroclaw. I supposed He is around 60 years old and he was in 70's a disabled gymnastic/ski professor.

David Suriol
butterfly - | 4
12 Feb 2010 #2
There's some Barbara Rybicka (Hutyra right now) on some polish website. I don't know if this woman is a daughter of the man you are looking for. If you want to, write me: icanseefrommiles@gmail

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