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Adam and Alicia Schuchinsky - Help me to find friends in Wroclaw.

Kitya 1 | -
26 Jan 2010 #1
I want to find our friends in Wroclaw, unfortunately I don't know how to write their name in polish correctly: Adam and Alicia Schuchinsky (Shekhinski), address is: 11 Borowczana. I'll be very veryyyyyyyyyyyyy grateful if someone will help me.

Thank you in advance.
26 Jan 2010 #2
perhaps the surname is Szekińka?
Address: Ulica Borówczana
post code: 53-009
caprice49 4 | 224
26 Jan 2010 #3

00 48 71 34-313-86 This is the telephone number for a company named Instrem registered under the house number 11 which you provided. However this could be a block of flats.

The email address for the company is

A bit more digging and I found the same company in Europages under
Ul Opolska 11/19
52 010 Wroclaw
The contact is given as Adam Szechynski
Tel: 00 48 71342 8646

At least now you have the correct surname spelling. What is not available on the net is which information is the most up to date.

Good luck!!! And let us know how you get on.
9 Feb 2010 #4
Hi Kytia,

It's Anna again, I can't get a hold of my father at the moment to get the address, but as I said in my previous reply, if you haven't been able to find them yet, let me know and I will forward phone no. and address. The other reply you received that address was for his business.

Anna Szechynski-Tota
caprice49 4 | 224
11 Feb 2010 #5
Have you succeeded.

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