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Stuffed cabbage - gołąbki - recipe

sczaja83 1 | 2
27 Mar 2008 #1
what is the recipe anybody help?

szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
28 Mar 2008 #2
( I halfed the recipe and got a dozen Golbaki out of it)
Lori 4 | 118
28 Mar 2008 #3
Having never tried this -- in the first instruction -- usually 1 minute or 1 hour?
sapphire 22 | 1,241
28 Mar 2008 #4
ive never tried it either but I dont think you can cook a whole cabbage in one minute can you? so must be one hour.
plk123 8 | 4,142
28 Mar 2008 #5
there is also at least one other golabki thread somewhere around here; it may be of use to you.
OP sczaja83 1 | 2
28 Mar 2008 #6
thank you so much!!
msbjf 2 | 10
7 Apr 2008 #7
Take ground beef mix with egg, cooked rice, cooked onion, take that mixture and put spoonfuls on a cabbage leaf. The cabbage head has been boiled in water to soften it. Take the leaves off and put the spoonful of the meat mixture on it. Place the cabbage rolls in a pot, after you layer them put tomato sauce on each layer to keep it moist. Cover and cook on low heat until done. They are wonderful

My grandma made them for us all the time. good with cole slaw too!!!
SweetPea 1 | 6
7 Apr 2008 #8
My Grandmother made hers a little bit different.

Mix the ground beef with egg, cooked rice, finely chopped onion, and a 2 pieces of white bread soaked with milk.

Boil cabbage until softened, and place one large spoonful on each leaf and roll up-keep together using one wooden toothpick.

Melt 1/2 stick butter and 1/4 cup vegetable oil in frying pan, and gently brown each cabbage roll. After browning place into oven proof 9x13 pan, removing the toothpick.

After finishing with all cabbage rolls, add water 1 1/2 cups water to pan to deglaze. Add too 9x13 pan. Cover 9x13 pan with foil and bake for 1 hour.

Serve with mashed potatoes and use drippings and juice from pan as the gravy for the potatoes.

Jova - | 172
7 Apr 2008 #9

I'd say gołąbki... :)
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
7 Apr 2008 #10
You would be correct.

( My command of the Polish language is legendary )
dclubberz - | 4
9 Apr 2008 #11
Голубцы (russian) Golubci .. he he .. we have the same dish )))
bajka - | 71
10 Apr 2008 #12
Take ground beef mix with egg, cooked rice, cooked onion, take that mixture and put spoonfuls on a cabbage leaf

gołąbki are made of minced pork meat ,egg, cooked rice etc and stuff wrapped in cabbage, in a tomatoe sauce are they not ?
Jova - | 172
10 Apr 2008 #13
Голубцы (russian) Golubci .. he he .. we have the same dish )))

Мне кажется, что между польской и русской культурой вообще много сходств... Жаль, что взаимосвязи между нашими странами портит политика...

gołąbki are made of minced pork meat ,egg, cooked rice etc and stuff wrapped in cabbage, in a tomatoe sauce are they not ?

I've never succeeded in making "gołąbki" by myself, but I saw my parents do it hundreds of times, so I assume your recipe seems accurate.
Seanus 15 | 19,674
26 Apr 2008 #14
Cyrillic looks like coded language. Like secret service stuff.
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
26 Apr 2008 #15
Some suggestions for the adventurous:

GO£ĄBKI/CABBAGE ROLLS, PREPARATION (przygotowywanie gołąbków): Core 3 lb cabbage, place cored-side-down in pot of hot water to cover and simmer to wilt leaves. Remove outer leaves as they wilt to rack or absorbent paper to drain. When cool enough to handle shave down the thick central vein of drained cabbage leaves or pound it with kitchen mallet to soften. Place an oblong scoop of filling at the base end of each leaf. Fold sides of leaf over filling and roll up away from filling. After the gołąbki have been rolled, line the bottom of a roasting pan with half the leftover undersized, damaged or otherwise unused cabbage leaves. Place the cabbage rolls snugly in roaster no more than 2 layers. Drench with sauce or stock (app. 2-3 c) of choice (for varieties see recipes below) and cover with remaining unneeded cabbage leaves. Surrounding the gołąbki with extra leaves will prevent them from scorching. Bake covered in preheated 350° oven 1 hr. Reduce heat to 325° and cook another hr. Switch off heat and leave in oven another 20 min or so for flavors to blend. They will be even better when reheated the next day.

CABBAGE ROLLS, MEAT & RICE-FILLED (gołąbki z mięsem i ryżem): Prepare filling by combining 1 lb raw ground meat (pork, pork & beef, pork-veal-beef combination, or ground dark-meat turkey) with 4-6 c undercooked rice, 1-3 chopped butter-fried onions fried and 1 egg. Mix ingredients well and salt & pepper to taste. Drench cabbage rolls in roasting pan with either of the following:

Tomato sauce
-- 3 c tomato juice (plain or containing several dashes Tabasco or 1/4 c spicy-style ketchup);
-- 3 c puréed tomatoes or stewed tomatoes ;
-- 3 c stock (meat or vegetable) mixed with several T tomato paste;
-- 2 c canned tomato soup mixed with 1/2 c ketchup (regular or spicy) and 1/2 c water;
Sour-cream sauce
-- Drench gołąbki with 3 c home-made stock or store-bought beef or poultry bouillon (cubes, granules); when cabbage rolls are cooked, pour of any remaining pan liquid that has not been absorbed, stir in 1 c sour cream and enough stock to make 3 c sauce; 1/2 a mushroom cube will greatly improve its taste; drench cabbage rolls with sauce and bake another 15-20 min.

Note: Prepare extra sauce on the side for your gravy-boat for those who like to drench their go³¹bki and accompanying mashed potatoes with sauce.

Sauceless, pork-nugget-garnished
-- Drench gołąbki with 2-1/2 c home-made stock or store-bought beef or poultry bouillon (made with cubes or granules); transfer cooked cabbage rolls to platter and drench with 1/4 lb golden-brown fatback nuggets (skwarki) and their drippings.

CABBAGE ROLLS, MEAT & GROAT-FILLED (gołąbki z mięsem i kaszą): Proceed as above, but substitute cooked barley, buckwheat groats, Kraków groats (fine buckwheat) or millet for the rice.

CABBAGE ROLLS, COOKED-MEAT & RICE/GROAT-TYPE (gołąbki z pieczenią i ryżem/kaszą): Proceed as in either of the preceding two recipes but substitute cooked ground meat (roasts, chops, dark-meat turkey, chicken, etc.) and/or ground, skinned smoked kie³basa for all or some of the raw ground meat.

CABBAGE ROLLS, MEAT-FILLED (gołąbki nadziewane miêsem): This will remind many of a meatballs wrapped in cabbage leaves, because that’s exactly what they are. Break up 2 stale bread rolls into bowl and drench with milk to cover. When soggy, grind and combine with 1 lb raw ground meat (as in meat & rice filled gołąbki above). Add 2 butter-fried chopped onions, 1 egg and any leftover milk from the rolls. Mix well and salt & pepper to taste. If mixture is too soft, mix in a little bread crumbs. This is soemthing liek metablls wrpaped in cabbage leaves.

CABBAGE ROLLS IN MUSHROOM SAUCE (gołąbki w sosie grzybowym): Prepare cabbage rolls as in any of the recipes above. Add a mushroom bouillon cube to the water rice or groats are cooked in. While gołąbki bake, wash and slice or dice 12-16 oz fresh mushrooms (domestic or wild). Stew them in 2-3 T butter with a finely chopped onion until cooked (about 15 min). Add 1 mushroom cube dissolved in 2 c hot water, mixed with 1 c sour cream fork-blended with 1 heaping T flour. Simmer 10 min. When cabbage rolls are cooked, add any remaining pan liquid to mushroom sauce. Salt & pepper to taste. Ladle mushroom sauce over gołąbki and garnish with chopped dill and/or parsley (optional). 1 oz cooked chopped dried mushrooms will make these gołąbki even more exquisite.

In 3 T butter, margarine or oil sauté 8-12 oz fresh (wild or cultivated) mushrooms (washed and chopped fine) with 2 med chopped onions. Combine with 3 - 3-1/2 c preferably slightly undercooked rice, barley or buckwheat groats, cooked with 1 mushroom cube. Add 1 raw egg and mix to blend ingredients. Salt & pepper to taste and (optional) garnish with 1 T chopped fresh parsley. Fill pre-wilted cabbage leaves as usual, drench with 3 c vegetable stock (in which 1 mushroom cube has been dissolved) and bake in preheated 350° oven at least 2 hrs. Serve drenched with mushroom sauce (see cabbage rolls in mushroom sauce) above.

MUSHROOM & GROAT-FILLED CABBAGE ROLLS (gołąbki z kasz¹ i grzybami): Pre-wilt cabbage leaves as for all gołąbki. Chop and fry 8-16 oz fresh mushrooms and 2 onions in 3-4 T butter until tender and combine with 4 c slightly undercooked groats (buckwheat, barley, millet) or rice. Stir in 1-2 eggs, salt & pepper generously and add a heaping T fresh, finely chopped dill and/or parsley. In roaster drench with 2 mushroom cubes dissolve in 4 c hot water.

GROAT & POTATO-FILLED CABBAGE ROLLS (go³¹bki z kaszą i kartoflami): Peel, cook and mash well 3/4 lb potatoes and set aside. Grate 2-1/4 lbs peeled, raw potatoes, pouring off liquid. In 4 T oil fry 3 chopped onions until lightly browned. Combine mashed and grated potatoes, add fried onion and add 1/4 c uncooked Kraków kasha (fine milled buckwheat groats). Mix ingredients well and salt & pepper rather generously to taste. Use mixture to fill pre-scalded cabbage leaves, roll up and place snugly in baking pan. Scald with boiling salted water or vegetable stock to cover, bring to boil and cook uncovered 15 min. Cover, transfer to 350°oven and bake 2 hrs. After switching off heat, leave in oven until cooled to room temp. Refrigerate until needed. To serve, brown on all sides in hot oil.
Seanus 15 | 19,674
26 Apr 2008 #16
I certainly hope u copied and pasted that Polonius3
26 Apr 2008 #17

my favorite :)
Seanus 15 | 19,674
26 Apr 2008 #18
Mine too, I've found that most Poles prefer it with tomato sauce. Mushroom sauce, hey yes :)))
26 Apr 2008 #19
tomato sauce is good, but i prefer mushroom sauce....freakin delicious...
Seanus 15 | 19,674
26 Apr 2008 #20
£azanki with mushroom sauce is tasty too. R u a fan of łazanki?
26 Apr 2008 #21
i love łazanki!! i forgot about it ... lol
Seanus 15 | 19,674
26 Apr 2008 #22
Home-made is super too, with diced/cubed bacon and pepper. I think I'll help my GF make that soon.
grethomory 1 | 155
27 Apr 2008 #23
I am from Louisiana and we make this as well, but with the final product, you add tomato puree on top and cook just a little bit more....and eat it wish hot mashed potatoes.
OP sczaja83 1 | 2
23 May 2008 #24
I love Lizanki, can you help me with that recipe please?
nancyd - | 1
21 Jun 2008 #25
Lots of good recipes here. But, can anyone tell me how to make them smaller, into party-size cabbage rolls?
18 Feb 2010 #26
The Polish recipes apparently are baked in tomato sauce. However, my husband is Hungarian and his grandmother made the stuffed cabbage the same except it was slow cooked or baked in between layers of saurkraut. Wonderful. I have lost the recipe and want to make it for an International Party. Anyone know the details on this recipe. I don't remember the method Bake or Stovetop, and the time.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
19 Feb 2010 #27
Try using V8 juice to cook the cabbage rolls in. Very tasty!!!!!!!!
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,004
19 Feb 2010 #28
I worry about ur taste sometime:P
polkamaniac 1 | 482
20 Feb 2010 #29
Well---you know ----you gotta take a risk once in a while.When my wife first told me about using V8 istead of tomato sause,I was very skeptical.When we made a roastpan full cabbage rolls ,before we put them in the oven,we decided to try a small batch with the v8 sauce and it was well worth the try.
pgtx 29 | 3,146
25 Feb 2010 #30
you gotta take a risk once in a while.

be aware... dutch oven kills people...

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