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31 May 2008 #151
The name of this dish in Polish is Zrazy Zawijany
18 Jun 2008 #153
A friend of mine was born in Poland and made me a rich and delicious cake for my birthday years ago. It was encrusted in a delicate pastry, inside was a moist dense chocolate filling with nuts, figs (maybe other fruits), chocolate chunks, spices. Does this sound like something you may know about?

I would love to make this myself. The recipe was very invlolved, it was almost like a giant choclate fig newton. Does anyone have this recipe?
Franek 8 | 271
18 Jun 2008 #154
Do you realize what a hit your daughter would be if she made ( KRUSCZIKJI) ? ( POLISH BOW TIES)
There a lot of recipes on the internet.. There are a lot of good ones. I use a lot of egg yolks.. Try it. She will love you OH Yes use some sour cream.
18 Jun 2008 #155

chruściki, chrust or faworki.... very good stuff...
Franek 8 | 271
18 Jun 2008 #156
Yeah! TEX.. That recipe sounds good to me
luisa - | 1
19 Jun 2008 #157
Need recipe for chocolate fig pie

About 10 years ago I was working at a college and one of the students who came to US from Poland made me a birthday cake/pie. I never tasted or saw anything like it before. My family and I are avid bakers and this was so unique. It was encrusted in a delicate pastry, inside was dense moist chocolate filling with figs, nuts, spices and chunks of chocolate and other ingredients. It was so delicious! I have never forgot this cake! At the end of the term I asked this student for the recipe, after a few weeks she came into my office and gave it to me. I was delighted. When I looked it over I noticed that it was difficult to understand. Evidently she had to translate it because it was a very old family recipe written in polish. Anyway, I pretty much figured out how to make. It is a very complicated process so I put it in my recipe box and told myself that when I felt ambitious I would tackle this wonderful dessert. Well, I can not find her recipe anywhere! I LOST IT. I am hoping that someone somewhere knows about this cake/pie and can help me find the recipe. I have been researching the Internet with no luck. Thanks. Luisa
Tamara 9 | 202
19 Jun 2008 #158
Strange request but I am looking for a recipe for "hamburgers". I've eaten hamburgers in Poland at a flea market and they were really good. They aren't just "ground beef" formed in a patty like in the US. I'm wondering if they are all pork or a mixture of pork and beef and what seasonings are used and if any onion, garlic, or any other ingredient is used and if so, is the onion &garlic sauteed first or added raw? Also, they didn't seem to have been fried in a pan as there weren't any "fry marks" or dark brown crusting as you get when you make "kotlet mielony" at home so were these burgers boiled or baked??? Also, if anyone can remember all the condiments that are used. Remember:

raw onion
some kind of kapusta but not kiszona
I'm not sure if tomato is typically used?
Anything else???

Franek 8 | 271
19 Jun 2008 #159
I do not know if we are talking about the same thing. But we make what we (CALLED POLSKE KLUBKI)

Ground beef
Chopped onion
Small cut celery Parsley
Salt Pepper
One or two eggs (DEPENDS ON THE AMOUNT)
Formed into balls and fried in oil.

Tamara 9 | 202
19 Jun 2008 #160
Hmmm, sounds more like meatloaf. Stalk celery isn't really a common ingredient in polish foods and I'm sure that they use at least half pork if not all and their not fried, at least in the usual sense but anyway, sounds good.
20 Jun 2008 #161
I am looking for a recipe for Kapusta like my Babcia made -- I know it had sauerkraut and some sort of tomato - paste, soup, diced - I don't know.. The only recipes I can find don't have the tomato in it.....

Also, she used to make a mushroom gravy that was to die for -- but it was a white sauce, not brown... Any ideas? Thanks!
MyPolonia - | 13
26 Jun 2008 #162
There are two recipes that people usually interchange/ confuse names.
1) Kapusta- Cabbage stew
Usually this recipe is lighter in color, less meat. Diced tomatoes can be included for taste if one wishes to.
Here is one recipe:

2) Bigos- Hunters stew
This recipe is darker in color, has much more meat than kapusta recipe. Truly original recipes are cooked, stewed over couple of days.
Here is one recipe:
jeandarren 6 | 30
1 Jul 2008 #163
Hi There

My Polish friend made me a dish called (sorry for the spelling) 'goulash', it was diced chicken with lots of peppers & was quite spicy, can anyone help with a recipe / how to cook. Please help, thus is my favourite :) mmmmmmmmmm Thanks
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554
1 Jul 2008 #164
Google can help with one if no one here has any. Make sure you also find a recipe for the dumplings. Good luck.
rdywenur 1 | 156
2 Jul 2008 #165
Don't know what you call the rolled meat in Polish but I have had and made the German version Rouladen and the Italian version called Braciole. Both excellent. I am guessing the rouladen may come closer to the Polish version. flank steaks spread with some mustard, onion, pickle and bacon, rolled then browned in a pan. Served with maybe potaotoe dumplings and gravy and some nice fresh geen beans. The Braciole is pork steaks (thin) spread with parmesan cheese, parsley, seasoning and rolled and then gently browned and finished by throwing in tomato sauce (the sauce you make for pasta)
30 Jul 2008 #166
Equator - | 33
19 Aug 2008 #167
Can anyone help?

Maybe I should have done some research before posting this….

I would like to try my hand at making Polish chicken soup, I am not sure if there are various different types or ways to make this dish.

I would like to impress my polish friend so if I get practicing then maybe I will let him try some…..

A popular recipe would be great!

19 Aug 2008 #168
I would like to try my hand at making Polish chicken soup

try to search 'rosół'....smacznego :)
Equator - | 33
20 Aug 2008 #169
cheers Polishgirltx....will do
please T_T
24 Oct 2008 #170
do you know a website that has polish recepies that are good and last 2 days?....its for a project
bobbon 1 | 5
24 Oct 2008 #171
The cake that luisa mentions further up sounds brilliant - has anyone come up with a recipe?
Barb Rolek
22 Nov 2008 #172
Are you talking about kiszka?
schllac - | 2
3 Dec 2008 #173
Hello Dead Duck,
I am looking for a cheese Babka recipe, it actually has cheese inside, I know where I can buy it but I want to make it..

The one I buy is from New York and is shipped in frozen to Pennsylvania.

Maybe you can help me out here
17 Dec 2008 #174
im looking for a dish that my mom made back in the day she called it pachicka i know its really mispelled so dont yell at me for that i cant find the recipe nor the poper spelling of the dish can someone help me.

she would mix flour and eggs together then boil in a pot. which would make it look like dumplings we would put it in a bowl then add milk and salt and eat.
snark - | 2
18 Dec 2008 #175
I would love to have a recipe for seven sisters cake recipe. It would be appreciated.

20 Dec 2008 #176
my family also adds hard boiled diced eggs!!
Pistachio77 - | 7
24 Sep 2009 #177
Sep 24, 09, 21:42 - Thread attached on merging:
Best polish recipes!

Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing well :)

I finally finished website with my favorite polish recipes- !
Check this out if you like to cook. I also welcome readers' comments, both good and bad, as I continue to experiment with new recipes and new variants of old ones.

Hope you can enjoy and share with your family :)

NPosuniak 8 | 91
24 Sep 2009 #178
Cool site with a good layout. Need some more pics of the dishes, but looked like a good resource. Bookmarked.
Krystal 6 | 95
24 Sep 2009 #179
and type receipes too.

Looking at pictures make me hungry.
PlasticPole 7 | 2,649
25 Sep 2009 #180
I've been looking at ways to incorporate more vegetables, roots, and fruits into my diet. I am going to try Mizeria, Pistachio. I like English cucumbers better than the pickling variety. Since I am trying new ways to prepare meals with veggies, I am on the lookout for new recipes. Another favorite of mine, with cucumbers, is a dill -yogurt- cucumber sauce. The cool flavor of the cucumber (a bit melony but without the sweetness) mixes well with the dill and yogurt. I noticed the dill in your Mizeria recipe, too. I like that combination, cucumbers with sour cream and dill or yogurt and dill.

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