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30 Nov 2016 #271
I found a bakery in Ann Arbor Mi. that made sweet pierogi they were soooo good went back and she had moved back to Poland to take care of her mother..... any recipes for sweet pierogi
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
1 Dec 2016 #272
sweet pierogi

Polish pierogi with sweet fillings are usually filled with fruit (mostly berries) or contain sweet farmer cheese filling. Here is a fruit version you may enjoy:

johnny reb 23 | 4,514
12 Jan 2017 #273
What is a really good Polish dessert?

My favorite is 'Karpatka' that my late Polish grandma use to make for me.
I just wish I knew how she made it.
Can anyone help me out ?
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,062
12 Jan 2017 #274
I love Karpatka. It's the best!!!
dieseluk 1 | 6
12 Jul 2017 #275

Traditional Chicken Recipes from Poland?

Can anyone provide some Polish chicken recipes? The only ones I can find (apart from rosol and wedding chicken) are pseudo-American creations because their Uncle's neighbour once shook hands with a Polak.
Miloslaw 7 | 3,264
15 Feb 2019 #276
As there seems to be a lot of posts on here about Polish food recently, I thought I would kick off another discussion.
Please note mods.....I found an old thread and didn't start a new one.....
So,Polish Cuisine.
I have seen mixed views on this subject,so I'll kick off with my thoughts and hopefully some of you will post your opinions.

Overall I quite like Polish food.But,it is very heavy and very filling.Great in the old days,not so good now.
I certainly would not class Polish Cuisine particularly highly,but it's not bad.
What I like about Polish food?

What I hate about Polish food?
2.Boiled potatoes...even with butter and fresh dill....
3.Pickled Herring.

Over to you......
Spike31 3 | 1,636
15 Feb 2019 #277
I loved this when I was a kid

Polish fruit soup (Zupa owocowa)
Chemikiem 6 | 2,157
16 Feb 2019 #278
Polish dishes/food I like:

Smażone Pierogi Ruskie
Pierogi z Płuckami
Placki po Węgiersku

What I don't like:

Mashed/boiled potatoes

I certainly would not class Polish Cuisine particularly highly,

I think a lot depends on how it's cooked. British food isn't rated too highly either, but I think we have some fab long as they're cooked well.
Miloslaw 7 | 3,264
16 Feb 2019 #279
Agreed.Polish cuisine is at a similar level to British in that sense,though overall,I would rate Polish food slightly higher than British,
Both have good and not so good,but Polish has more of the good :-)
Joker 1 | 1,586
16 Feb 2019 #280
I would rate Polish food slightly higher than British,

Polish food is a thousand times better than bland British, overcooked all the flavor out of everything:)
Miloslaw 7 | 3,264
16 Feb 2019 #281
Slightly too harsh on British food,some stuff is pretty good and as Chemikiem says,it does depend on how its cooked.
But yeah,overall Polish food is better.
Joker 1 | 1,586
16 Feb 2019 #282
Slightly too harsh on British food,

Haha! Im messing with you , its not so bad. I cant believe you 2 dont like mashed potato`s!!:)

Isnt a London Broil just flank steak thats been marinaded for a long time? Its really good, kinda like a steak teriyaki. My favorite is Shepard pie, I know its Irish, but has yummy mashed potatoes on top!
Chemikiem 6 | 2,157
17 Feb 2019 #283
bland British,

Have you ever been to the UK to try it? Besides which, Polish food is definitely on the bland side. it's not exactly heavily spiced now is it?

I cant believe you 2 dont like mashed potato`s!!:)

I don't like potatoes at all, although I will eat placki ziemniaczarne dishes. Not very Polish is it, potatoes are a staple food. BTW, your London broil dish isn't British, it's North American :D
delphiandomine 85 | 18,266
17 Feb 2019 #284
it does depend on how its cooked.

Same with Polish food though. An awful lot of those "kuchnia domowa" places make appalling food that relies on obscene amounts of salt and artificial flavourings, but if you get somewhere that actually understands Polish food as not being peasant food, then it can be a revelation.

A great article here - - like many things in Poland, something considered "traditionally Polish" is actually just PRL-era stuff.
Atch 17 | 3,224
18 Feb 2019 #285
. My favorite is Shepard pie, I know its Irish,

It's English. In England it's called Cottage Pie ; in Ireland it's known as Shepherd's Pie, but it's an English dish :) It's usually made with lamb but in Ireland it's quite often made with beef. If you want to be strictly accurate about it, it's only a shepherd's pie if it's made with lamb and it's cottage pie when it's made with beef but like I say, in Ireland we call it shepherd's pie regardless of the meat used. Nonetheless it's an English recipe.

As far as traditional British versus Polish food goes, I would say there is more variety in British, both in the ingredients and methods of cooking. A lot of Polish dishes taste very similar to each other in my opinion.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,848
18 Feb 2019 #286
Cottage pie - beef
Shepherds pie - lamb.

Well I have lived in the UK my whole life, and have never heard of a 'London Broil'. Must be an American thing.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,157
18 Feb 2019 #287
It's North American Roz, I had to look it up as I'd never heard of it either!

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