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30 Nov 2016  #271

I found a bakery in Ann Arbor Mi. that made sweet pierogi they were soooo good went back and she had moved back to Poland to take care of her mother..... any recipes for sweet pierogi

Polonius3 1,009 | 12,462    
1 Dec 2016  #272

sweet pierogi

Polish pierogi with sweet fillings are usually filled with fruit (mostly berries) or contain sweet farmer cheese filling. Here is a fruit version you may enjoy:
johnny reb 13 | 2,064    
12 Jan 2017  #273

What is a really good Polish dessert?

My favorite is 'Karpatka' that my late Polish grandma use to make for me.
I just wish I knew how she made it.
Can anyone help me out ?
NoToForeigners 7 | 711    
12 Jan 2017  #274

@johnny reb
I love Karpatka. It's the best!!!

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