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Recipe for regular "Przepalanka" (specific ingredient amounts)

chris1184 2 | 4
9 May 2011 #1
Does anyone know the recipe for regular "przepalanka" made from just the following: sugar, water, spirytus.

I have looked everywhere but I cannot ever find the actual is what i know so far:

1 bottle of spirytus (a fifth aka 750mL) should make 2.5 bottles of przepalanka (according to my recipe).
So I assume I just boil the water (bottle and a half or 1125mL) and add the carmelized sugar to the water then add the spirytus....but does anyone know how much sugar i should be adding??? (or if im even getting the right water amount) I used simple math skills lol but i might be wrong, math was never my strongest subject. If someone can give me the right or ballpark amount of sugar ill figure out the rest..thank you!

BTW i'm from Chicago and I'll be making this stuff for my wedding which is in August. I was born in the mother land but came here when I was little so I am able to read your responses in whichever language you write them if u can't write them in English.

Thank you so much!!!

nevermind i figured it out...basically for every 1 bottle of 750mL of spirytus you add 1125 mL of water (or 1.5 bottles of water if u were to fill a spirytus bottle with water)

So here is what I take 4 tablespoons of sugar and carmelize it in a pan...then add the boiled water to it. Stir it around (careful it steams like crazy when u pour the water in at first) Once the water and carmelized sugar settle a bit add about 3 to 4 more tablespoons of sugar and 1/3rd tablespoon of vanilla sugar. Mix it all up and then pour in the spirytus. Once you stir that a bit and it cools down you can pour it into bottles. This makes approximately 2.5 bottles of przepalanka
Polonius3 983 | 12333
14 May 2011 #2
I would suggest 1 litre grain alcohol, 1 litre cold preboiled water and 1 cup sugar.
Proceed as you have indicated abovve. Instead of 'cukier waniliowy' (which is made with vanillin-- a synthetic substitute for vanilla), I would suggest adding 1/2 - 1 t pure vanilla extract (a liquid). The juice of 1 small lemon and/or 1 heaping tablespoon honey may also be added. Na zdrowie!
OP chris1184 2 | 4
16 May 2011 #3
u know mother told me to just carmelize all of the sugar all at once...what happened was that when I added more sugar after the initial amount which was already carmelized and dissolved in the water, the mixture would come out a little bit cloudy. So far it has been coming out a rather nice dark "tea" color, and I tried some that has sat for a few days and it is pretty decent. I guess the longer it sits the better it will get. Thanks for the tip!!!
29 Mar 2019 #4
Dont forget the cloves (3-5) add to ater/sugar mix - dont forget to strain
pawian 223 | 24385
31 Mar 2019 #5
Przepalanka - sounds close to burning. I first came across this word in the book about Soldier Szwejk and I remember both my amusement and bewilderement at what it meant. So, is it because of this carmelised sugar which is melted (burnt) before adding?

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