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Need recipe for Polish potato kiszka

13 Apr 2007 #1
Hello all! I was looking on the internet for Polish recipes and stumbled onto this site. What great luck!!! THis site is great!!! I have 100% Polish and have always tried to maintain our polish heritage for my daughter. My husband is Irish but once he tasted good home Polish cooking, I think he converted 18 yrs ago and now he's a Polish food lover still. I saved all my mom's old recipes after she died, but many recipes were all in her and Babcia's head and never written down. Recently I was telling my daughter about potato kizka stuffed in a casing and baked in the oven. I don't think I remember all the ingredients for the potato filling. Can anyone please help me???? Thanks.
horunPoland - | 109
16 Apr 2007 #2
Kiszka ziemniaczana... maybe now somebody can help you i don't know how exactly it is done
5 Jan 2010 #3
I have grown up in a home that had this dish very often. Its very easy to make as long as one has sheep casings ( you can found them on internet) we had never use any other type. Stuffing was about same as for placki ziemniaczane but with small cut meet mostly lamb but some fatty beef is OK as well.Small cuts of fat are needed as it will make potatoes stuffing moist and tasty. Important part of baking is to in middle of baking to make a small poking holes to prevent internal pressure build up and bursting braking a casing.Of course stuffing includes salt,black pepper,onions grinned same as potatoes and eggs as binders. I have not had one of this for more than 25 years but after I founded a place to order sheep casings I will make it this year for sure.Baking on a shallow pan rolled up like spiral and flipping over will make both sides baked to crunchy yummy dish that is not known.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
6 Jan 2010 #4
Here is your recepie-adjust amounts to your liking


4 kg ziemniaków, 3 cebule, 60 dag boczku, 10 dag mąki, jelita, sól, pieprz, majeranek, gałka muszkatołowa

Ziemniaki zetrzeć, dodać posiekaną cebulę, zesmażony boczek, przyprawy, mąkę. Masę dokładnie wymieszać i nadziewać jelita, zawiązując 20 cm porcje. Kiszkę piec na posmarowanej smalcem blasze. Przed włożeniem do piekarnika kiszki nakłuć, aby nie pękły. Piec na złoty kolor. Kiszkę można także ugotować na wolnym ogniu.

19 Jan 2011 #5
The ingredient within the meat as well as it having to be natural casings is Barley not pieces of potato as well has being on the peppery side.It is also known as or called blood sausage. One of the best places you can purchase is in Chicago at a place named Bobak's. They also sell on line and ship to several stores areound the country you can look up their web site it has reciepes as well. you can also subscribe to their weekly newspaper ad.
19 Jan 2011 #6
The ingredient within the meat as well as it having to be natural casings is Barley not pieces of potato

Nonono - kiszka ziemniaczana is not blood sausage. It's a speciality in Podlasie and uses fried grated potato as its base.

You're spot on about the natural casing, though.
polkamaniac 1 | 482
20 Jan 2011 #7
Basia-look no more---the recepie I posted is what you want.By your thread ,it looks like you know Polish .This is not kiszka.The picture above shows that there is no blood but potatoes.Like they say " a picture is worth more than a thousand words "
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
20 Jan 2011 #8

Here's another take on potato kiszka called ciszka kaszubska which, in addition to grated raw potatoes, incorporates buckwheat groats (kasza gryczana).

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