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Looking for Recipe/Info on Cake with Preserves/Jam

26 Jan 2012 #1
My dad grew up in Poland this year we are throwing him a big 60th birthday party. The number one thing he wants is a cake like his favorite cake he had growing up in Poland. He has tried to explain it and we have researched it but can't seem to find a recipe, name, info,etc on this Polish (or Eastern European?) cake. We frequent a Polish Deli and the lady who owns it knew exactly what my dad was talking about but didn't have a recipe herself. It is described by him as follows:

- thin layers of cake (a yellow type cake...not super sweet)
- fruit preserves/jam spread between the layers
- topped with a very light whipped type topping

It is not a super sweet dessert which is why he likes it... the only words in English he can think to compare it to is a torte.. like a fruit torte... any ideas??? We would LOVE to be able to make him what he wants!
inkrakow 1 | 98
26 Jan 2012 #2
sounds like a variation on Sacher Torte (or Sachertorte). You could also try googling 'tort warstwy przekładany konfiturą' (cake layers layered with jam) or combinations of that and see if any of the images that come up look like the right thing. I don't have time right now but I'll do a bit more research for you later on today. I'd hate to see a man not get his favourite cake on his birthday!
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26 Jan 2012 #3
Here you have video - how to prepare such cake.
You will find ingredients on

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