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traditional breakfasts in Poland

Filios1 8 | 1,336
27 Nov 2008 #61
Don't forget the kielbasa.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
27 Nov 2008 #62
It goes wherever I go. Sorry, the breakfast, aha. Well, yes. Sausage and mustard on bread, yummy.
trlew7 1 | 4
28 Nov 2008 #63
When I went to Poland, we ate a buffet breakfast at a hotel in Warsaw that consisted of eggs (cooked different ways), breads, cheeses and meats-of course keilbasa. It was delicious!
plk123 8 | 4,149
28 Nov 2008 #64
you can call it 'pajda chleba z masłem' :)

let's really call it what it is: sniadanie po amerykansku. :D
pawian 176 | 14,823
1 Dec 2008 #65
Jam in Poland is rank - nothing like the chunky fruity stuff you get in England :

Finally I have found sth for you: £owicz jams. All of them are advertised: Big pieces of fruit inside. All Polish stuff.

The only kind without big chunks is strawberry.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
1 Dec 2008 #66
British jam is very good indeed but Polish jam is great too.

£owicz is a top quality jam, very good on Polish bread.

Looks like we agree on sth Pawian
pawian 176 | 14,823
1 Dec 2008 #67
Looks like we agree on sth Pawian

when we keep up our forum acquaintance, it might soon turn out we are able to reach an agreement far more often than we disagree..... :):)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
1 Dec 2008 #68
I think that may well be the case :)
kutzeh - | 6
1 Dec 2008 #69
I live in a Polish community and am a first generation Pol. Asking about kielbasa, here, it is smoked and still made by individuals who have smoke sheds. Wasielewski's store that made this went closed but used to sell 2 ton of kielbasa at Christmas time. In Buffalo NY, they have unsmoked kielbasa which I was not fond of. Is it smoked in Poland? We boil it for about an hour...smacznego!
2 Sep 2009 #70
I actually came from Poland recently. Traditional breakfast usually consists of a all natural cereal, eggs (boiled & served with mayo), some sweets like Polish cakes and Donuts, and a platter of the finest sausages and cheeses. In addition, there is always two different kinds of bread are served in this traditional breakfast. Those being Polish rye or simply white.

Over all a Polish breakfast consists of 1)cereal 2) 1 slice sandwiches and lastly 3) sweets.

When it comes to breakfast beverages, tea is the most popular, then comes coffee, juices, ect......

This is the most common and traditional breakfast us Polaks have. Cherish it.
14 Apr 2010 #71
Our everyday Polish breakfast is: -

Scrambled eggs on toast topped with chives - sometimes a frankfurter on the side.

On feast days and Easter we have: -

Festive butter bread plait [that's actually Swiss - like my mum - but it's great with the Polish spread], various cold meats, hard boiled eggs, pickles and mayonnaise.
6 Sep 2011 #72

Traditional breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner foods (that are part of the Polish culture)

I am a student studing nutrition, we are studing different cultures and polish food is my subject. What I would like to know is what are some traditional breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner foods that are part of the Polish cultur. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance
Vincent 9 | 839 Moderator
6 Sep 2011 #73
As you have already found the food and drink section,this would be a good place to get your information. Hopefully you can find some information here.

Good luck with your studies.
poland - | 1
25 Jan 2012 #74
Merged: Traditional main and starters Polish dish recipes?

I was wondering if anyone has any reciepes for traditional Polish starters or main dishes that they would be willing to share. Hopefully some that even a beginner cook like me can master! Thanks in advance!

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