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Where can I get raw prawn and/or egg based noodles in Poland?

27 Mar 2016  #1

I've been googling and most of the stuff I found point toward Hala Mirowska. I went there several times(its on my way to Uni) and there's no raw shrimp there.

I found some frozen shrimp(more expensive but lower quality) and some pre -boiled shrimp at Wola park but pre-boiled shrimp tasted bland and whenever you cook em it's going to be overcooked and feels rubbery. also, I need to get the juice from the prawn

and for the noodles, I've asked the Vietnam shop around my uni and they refused to disclose where they get their supply. Actually they said they don't know but in my experience, the cooks usually know where he/she got their stuff. at least the company name. I guess maybe they didnt want me to stop coming there. :(

27 Mar 2016  #2

Get frozen, uncooked prawns from a fishmonger. They can order them.
OP FoodHunter    
28 Mar 2016  #3

pweeg3, you mean just get the frozen shrimp or ask the fishmonger?
29 Mar 2016  #4

If they don't have them, ask them to order you some. You order anything in my experience, maybe have pay in advance.

Home / Food / Where can I get raw prawn and/or egg based noodles in Poland?
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