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Is it possible to buy (particularly online) exotic meats in Poland?

pg123 6 | -
2 Feb 2014 #1

I am wondering whether there are any shops - either internet-based or real ones - that sell exotic meat in Poland. For example, kangaroo, ostrich or anything else that might be considered "less ordinary".

Ideally, I am looking for an online company that will deliver throughout Poland, although if anyone knows any actual shops then I would appreciate that too.

legate - | 46
3 Feb 2014 #2
you can buy exotic meat in Makro but you need someone with their client card to buy it for you;
you need to be an enterpreneur to shop there
local_fela 17 | 172
4 Feb 2014 #3
whether there are any shops

Yes. In Lidl you can find. But bear in mind - Its once in a while. Last week there was an offer for Lamb from New Zealand- I've been lucky myself to taste the meat from NZ again. Last year there was Kangaroo meat, Lamb meat, Octopus and Beef from NZ being sold in Lidl.
LucasMoore - | 2
12 Mar 2014 #4
I don't belong to Poland. But I'm going to be shifted there soon. Thanks for the information.

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