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What made in Poland produce would you recommend

OP pawian 190 | 19,153
11 Jan 2013 #91
Guys, I do appreciate your contributions in the last few posts, but I feel obliged to remind you that you are discussing dishes which do not fulfill the criteria of being a made in Poland produce.

Unless you present a specific company which produces ready-made dish which is worth mentioning here.

Despite a few scandals by fraudulent produces, Polish food got an award for 2012:
In 2012, we decided to grant the award to Polish food in appreciation of its exceptional taste and quality. While saying bon appétit to consumers, we want to highlight the fact that in 2012 Poland's food exports exceeded 16 billion euros and were three times higher than in 2004 when Poland joined the European Union. Poland recorded a surplus of 3.3 billion euros in the trade of food in 2012-higher than in any other sector. This is undoubtedly a joint success for producers and exporters, and it is them that we want to congratulate above all.

Poland produce
Radders 3 | 47
26 Jan 2013 #92
Tesco herring

With rye bread, for my lunch today
OP pawian 190 | 19,153
26 Jan 2013 #93
Yummy! I also buy Lisner sea food products.

PS. Radders, do you also drink Polish vodka with Lisner herring?

for my lunch today

BTW, hey, why do you eat breakfast so late? :):):)
wawa_marek 1 | 129
26 Jan 2013 #94
I can recomend few products , just for the start

Monia thank you. You expanded my knowledge about Polish producers / brands. There are some of my examples:,76,0,about-us

Unfortunately the perfect Polish, HighTech "text to speach" software company was already sold to Amazon.
OP pawian 190 | 19,153
27 Jan 2013 #95
Unfortunately the perfect Polish, HighTech "text to speach" software company was alreasy sold to Amazon.

It is called globalization.
wawa_marek 1 | 129
27 Jan 2013 #96
Yummy! I also buy Lisner sea food products.

Lisner is German company - not Polish:
OP pawian 190 | 19,153
10 Feb 2013 #98
I have always hated Ptasie mleczko. Yuk! I wonder why? Probably my vivid puerile imagination made me believe it really came from birds.


Crop milk is a secretion from the lining of the crop of parent birds that is regurgitated to young birds. They are found among all pigeons and doves where they are referred to as pigeon milk. Crop milk is also produced by flamingos and some penguins.[1][2][3]

I have never been fond of birds. Nasty creatures.

Exception: Polish storks and Cracow pigeons.
jon357 71 | 20,379
10 Feb 2013 #99
I have always hated Ptasie mleczko

Me too. Low quality, stuffed with chemicals.

There used to be something similar but nicer called, strangely, 'Mister Ron'. I think they were strawberry flavoured and rather nice. I haven't seen them in the shops for about 10 years.
APF 4 | 106
10 Feb 2013 #101
White "Trufelki"
Not Prince Polo, but the female version in white ..
OP pawian 190 | 19,153
1 Jul 2013 #102
Well, yes, Polish-made furniture is quite popular:
Poland is the fourth largest exporter of furniture globally, with exports amounting to 5.6 billion euro in 2010. Poland comes fourth behind Italy, Germany and export leaders China. While both Italian and German furniture exports are for exclusive markets, Polish furniture is regarded as less expensive but of good quality. - See more at:,Poland-champions-global-furniture-exports#sthash.a9pK9wGh.dpuf

Poland furniture


Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
3 Jul 2013 #103
Great stuff. Niech żyje Solaris! Some may disagree that economic partiotism exists or should exist, but in a scale of best to worst, Polish companies may also be judged as follows:

A. Polish-owned company producing a recognisable Polish product under a recognisably Polish brand-name, giving employment to Poles and reinvesting profits in the company's operations.

B. Polish-owned company producing or assembling non-Polish copycat products under a non-Polish brand name, but giving employment to Poles and reinvesting profits in the company's operations.

C. Entirely foreign-owned company or with only a Polish minority stake, producing or assembling non-Polish copycat products under a non-Polish brand name, giving employment to Poles (cheap manpower), reinvesting only the bare minimum in its Polish operation and transferring most profits to the home country.
OP pawian 190 | 19,153
3 Jul 2013 #104
Some may disagree that economic partiotism exists or should exist,

Yes, in other countries it also exists, mostly as native oriented customers.
In Poland, for about 20 years, there has been a campaign of awarding Polish companies with this logo:


[i]The roots of the emblem "Poland Now" dates back to 1991 that is the beginning of the transformation of the economy and the creation of a free market in Poland. The opening of borders for imported goods has allowed the public to explore new possibilities for human consumption. On the other hand the Polish companies were inefficient and poorly managed, Polish technical thought was dying, and Polish products do not withstand competition with the imported.

Then came the initiative Polish Promotional Programme and the concept of Polish trade promotion. The idea behind this program was to promote Polish companies, as well as their support in the field of marketing in an increasingly competitive market. The graphic symbol was designed by Professor Henry Chyliński (author of the character of the Polish Radio and Orlen), and the author of verbal slogan Now Poland was Wiktor Zborowski.

Ideal but still hard to achieve. You forget how much Poland was ruined by 45 years of communism and WW2 before. What are 3 essential things to change socialist economy into capitalist one? Capital, capital, capital. Poland didn`t have any capital in 1989, the treasury was completely empty, burdened with giant debts. We even had to borrow 1 billion $ from IMF to secure the initial stage of monetary transformation. That is why Polish national companies and banks had to be sold to foreign investors. Otherwise, they would have gone bankrupt anyway.

What Poland has managed to do for these 24 years is amazing, but it was impossible to catch up with the best.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
3 Jul 2013 #105
Ideal but still hard to achieve

I agree, but than all the time, energy and moeny waster on the PO-PiS mud-slinging and general poitcikign by all parties, Poland should have set up a Poladn-promotinmg research and promotion unit to sound out foreign markets and aid Polish business. Teraz Polska was a great idea which was supposed to promote Polish products of the highest quality. But the word is that whover pays the most gets to use this symbol. Ain't there a bit too much self-interest and too little civic-mindedness about?
OP pawian 190 | 19,153
4 Jul 2013 #106
Transition period is a tough matter.

Do pracy rodacy ,do fabryk, do roli
odbudujmy to wszystko co komunizm nam spierdolił :D

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
4 Jul 2013 #107

Get rid of the nam and it reads more smoothly (only from a poetic standpoint that extra syllable seems redundant).
OP pawian 190 | 19,153
6 Jul 2013 #108
Yes, why not. :):)

BTW, do you know what the quoted rhyme alludes to? It is a parody of something. What, namely?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
7 Jul 2013 #109
It reminds me of one of the anti-communist jingles popular under the Gomułka regime:
Co Pan Bóg polepszy, Gomułka spieprzy!
OP pawian 190 | 19,153
14 Jul 2013 #110
Hey, I didn`t know this one! :):)

But no, I meant this famous song from early 1980s:,waly_jagiello_skie,do_pracy_rodacy.html

Kid shotgun, available at stalls in mountain regions, incessantly attractive to my sons.

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